It’s been a tough year for sports fans but making up for missing the 2020 tournament legend Jon Price came to the court and delivered with an 80% record lifting spirits and his clients bank accounts with his 2021 March Madness plays. As most are busy filling out office brackets or participating in small time office pools Jon Price is busy studying games and deciding if there’s a team he wants to go heavy on. This year luckily that team was Baylor and they sure did pay off all the way to the National Championship.

Jon Price has been on nationally syndicated radio programs ranging from Westwood One with Bill Reiter and Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio on over 170+ different radio stations in local markets across the country as well as on Entercom/Audacy radio giving out his picks and predictions to help those who are interested in making extra money betting on sports. Giving those gamblers and investors that opportunity especially after they have a losing season is a blessing when they connect with Jon Price. The guy who’s made millions throughout his lifetime betting on sports.

For the 2021 March Madness tournament Price exceeded his clients expectations hitting 80% of his wagers and picks that his clients bet on. This ranged from betting on sides and 1st half wagers something Jon likes to give his clients while any of his competitors and touts that try to give out their picks tend to avoid but yet Jon is the one who’s always making his clients.

One of the big bets that was cashed during this years tournament was Baylor Bears beating the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Elite 8 round. Baylor was favored by 7 points over the Arkansas Razorbacks when the two teams played last week. Jon made one of his largest wagers of the tournament on Baylor, and they showed up in a big way as they dismantled Arkansas on their way to an 81-72 win. Of course from there Baylor went on to win the Championship beating Gonzaga and Jon continued to bet them every step of the way.

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When it comes to making money betting on basketball nobody does it better than Jon Price and his analysts do and this past months results showcases just how great the worlds best sports bettor really is.

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