With the final 16 teams set to start playing at 18:00 local Moscow, Russia time on June 30th it’s important to get those betting on the FIFA World Cup our latest power rankings. We also will provide you below the latest World Cup Futures. We have over $100,000 riding on the World Cup and are glad to fill you in on our World Cup predictions for the final 3 rounds.

Power Rankings After the Group Stage

  1. Spain
  2. Belgium
  3. England
  4. Brazil
  5. Croatia
  6. Argentina
  7. France
  8. Portugal
  9. Uruguay
  10. Mexico
  11. Colombia
  12. Russia
  13. Switzerland
  14. Sweden
  15. Denmark
  16. Japan

We don’t think Japan is going to advance past the round of 16 but for those who watch soccer matches know that anything can happen. Did you hear about the guy who wagered $120,000 on Germany to win $20,000. Unfortunately for him he lost humility and money on that wager. Make smart bets and build profits over the long run is the key to betting success.

2018 Fifa World Cup Power Rankings

The team to watch out for here is Mexico. They have amazing energy and fans that have showed up in great numbers to support their team in Russia. If they can get past this round anything is possible and a worthy look at a parlay bet as a hedge against your smarter wagers on the World Cup. We will have part of our team live again at some of the matches sending through updates so make sure to sign up for the latest World Cup News and Updates.

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Las Vegas World Cup Futures as of June 29, 2018

Brazil 3 to 1
Spain 9 to 2
England 6 to 1
Belgium 7 to 1
Argentina 8 to 1
France 9 to 1
Croatia 12 to 1
Portugal 15 to 1
Mexico 20 to 1
Uruguay 25 to 1
Colombia 35 to 1
Switzerland 40 to 1
Russia 50 to 1
Sweden 80 to 1
Denmark 80 to 1
Japan 100 to 1

We will update our power rankings as well as the latest Futures after the round of 16 has concluded.

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