As mobile sports betting grows in newly approved states like New York the WNBAPA is capitalizing on the growth of sports betting. This initiative is called the Bet On Women campaign.

The goal of the Bet On Women partnership is to “propel women’s sports forward, maximize fan engagement, develop new audiences and increase visibility for women athletes through betting and gamification,” the organizations said in a joint press release last Monday.

“There is a massive opportunity to leverage the betting space to advance women’s sports,” said Nneka Ogwumike, current WNBPA president and a Gaming Society advisor.


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“Bet on Women and Gaming Society will celebrate athletes, by advancing our visibility into new territories because, after all, to bet on women, you need to know who we are. We encourage partners across the industry to join the movement.”

This partnership is to really help drive awareness that you can bet on WNBA games and that there are lots of fun ways to enjoy the games when you have a financial investment in the outcome of the game.

As Jon price often said it’s not the size or shape of the ball or the sport but the players and outcome that we care about. If you can make an extra $10,000 by betting on and watching WNBA games this year then you are certainly going to take advantage of the opportunity.

OneTeam is going to help with the execution of this new venture and you can be certain that you will see in stadium and on mobile sports betting operators pages more opportunities and proposition betting wagers for WNBA games than you have ever seen before thanks to this betting partnership.

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