Often asked who the world’s best are the list is broken down into different categories. Certain sports bettors only wager on Horses such as Bill Benter who has a special algorithm that wagers on thousands of outcomes for a pari-mutuel betting against others instead of the house. Then there’s Jon Price the worlds number 1 sports bettor who wagers on American Sports predominantly. Known through inner circles and for his younger years working with the Kosher Boys betting ring he made headlines when he publicly started to sell his betting picks and has consistently made his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars with his betting picks.

Sports Betting has exploded in popularity over the last 10 years, and will continue to do so now that the US Supreme Court has ended the ban on state sanctioned sports betting earlier this year with the repeal of PASPA. As more and more states begin to adopt their own sports gambling laws and open up sports books for people to place wagers in, many are turning to the expert handicappers of the sports picks industry. This list will explore a few of those big named, high profile sports handicappers who are helping common betting fans make thousands or even millions of dollars a year.

1. Jon Price from Sports Information Traders – Since 2009, “Jon Price has been given the Billy Walters treatment from Las Vegas area casinos and sports books.” Once you win enough in Vegas, they’ll eventually stop taking your bets; so successful bettors like Jon employed “Runners” who placed his wagers at various sports books on his behalf. Eventually, legendary bettor Jon Price realized it’s easier and better for the sports betting community to sell his sports betting picks  and is one of the very few sports handicappers who bets his gambling picks that he provides to his clients. He’s grabbed national headlines on a number of occasions for some of his more high profile wagers, including a $22,000 Futures wager on the Royals to win the World Series back in 2015, before the season even began. He’s also placed multiple million-dollar wagers on a few Super Bowls and won, as well. Considered to be arguably the best-documented sports handicapper today, Jon is always a top choice when considering a new handicapper or service to work with. Simply put if you want to make a lot of money and have it to invest Jon Price is the sports bettor to work with.

2. Ted Davis – Ted is a basketball specialist handicapper.He’s one of the best basketball betting minds in both the pros and the collegiate levels. However, while Ted may focus mostly on pro basketball and the NCAAB, he’s also more than serviceable in football picks, as well. Especially in recent years where his football picks have actually outperformed his basketball picks. He’s struggled to top 60% winners in basketball over the last few seasons, but his NFL picks have him currently sitting around the 65%winners mark.

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3. John Martin – The #2 ranked handicapper in football picks from 2017 to early 2018, John Martin’s taken a small step back this year as he’s currently picking around 57% winners in the NFL. Despite his slow season, John has shown a level of consistency over the years that’s made him a reliable go to handicapper in the ports betting circles.

4. Rob Vinciletti – Ranked as the top overall handicapper from 2016 to 2017, Rob is a solid all around handicapper who can be very streaky at times. He’s finished as the top ranked football handicapper twice,as well as the top MLB handicapper, as well. Rob has fallen back to the pack some over the last year, but still has demonstrated a distinct knowledge for sports handicapping, as continues to produce a profit for his clients.

5. Kyle Hunter – A College Basketball expert, Kyle Hunter is regularly touted as being one of the best handicappers on the hardwood. He currently sits with a record of 21-9 on the college basketball season, which includes a 14-5 record over the last 19 college hoops games. As a true basketball specialist, Kyle has shown some struggles in picking football,picking right above 50% on the season, but if you’re looking to make money watching your favorite sport of basketball, Kyle Hunter is never a bad choice to consider.

There are plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to picking a good, reputable sports handicapper to follow. As another sports betting season is upon us, most common bettors will look to win big this year,and this list of some of the best sports handicappers is a good place to start your search.

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