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Wanting to find the right handicapper to help you in making the right wagers is important, and this is why many turn to Jon Price.

This is not just hyperbole. Price has established himself as the premier handicapper in sports, especially when it comes to the NBA. In fact, he has been featured in several of the most prominent outlets on the planet, including Forbes, Bleacher Report, and The Huffington Post.

Price is known as the “Handicapper to the Stars” because of his impressive client list. He has developed a reputation through the success he has had in wagering, ranking him as the most successful sports bettor of all time. It is based on a system he has developed which has proven to be highly successful, which includes making two seven-figure wagers this year where he won both.

The NBA is not the only arena where he has been successful. Price has finished in first place in March Madness Tournaments among handicappers in two of the last three years. He has been right on 72% of his picks during the tournament.

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Price has had a lot of success wagering on the NBA a well. In 2018, he bet $2 million on the NBA finals, coming away a winner by predicting a sweep for Golden State. Price and his team have truly proven to be the best in the business.

A Little Background about the Best

Jon Price has been interesting in betting on sports since he was a little kid. He was a math whiz and great with numbers and statistics, and this helped him find the advantage one team had over another, even before he was old enough to drive.

This sixth-sense helped drive him to his future. Price gained a degree in finance while adding a serious of classes in mathematics to help him choose exactly what he wanted to do with himself. While in college, his future came clearly into focus as he found himself winning several contests, including six straight college betting pools. He was so good at this that by the time he graduated, he had already paid off his student loans and had over $50,000 saved.

Because of his success in college, he already built up quite a reputation, and this enabled him to move right into a profession as a handicapper and gambler. That was over twenty-five years ago and he is still going strong.

The Jon Price System

While not divulging exactly how he has been so successful, Price has explained a little bit about how he has hit it big. He has become a proven winner, placing bets exceeding $100,000 each week, and winning about 70 percent of the time.

He has become a social media junkie. No, not to show pictures of his kids or to find out what celebrity is getting married, but to find every bit of information he can surrounding a contest he bets on. He will watch every interview of coaches and players, paying attention to all the details he can find, including their body language.

This has helped him to find the right bets to make. All of this information allows him to read more about the players than about the game itself. His sixth-sense lets him see how a player, group of players, or team will perform that night, often seeing the results hours before the teams take to the court or field.

This is how he has set himself apart from other handicappers. Few, if any, have the same sense about contests, and this is why he has become one of the most sought after handicappers on the planet.

Others to Consider

While Price is the best, there are others who are making a name for themselves. Here are 10 other NBA handicappers you may want to take a look at to see the insights they have to offer.

Jesse Schule

We will admit that longevity did not play a role in this choice as he has shown a lot of success this season, but not so much in the past. However, there is no denying the success he is having. So far this season, his winning percentage comes in at 67.1% and the return on investment is 23.6%. The average odds are -121, proving he is finding the long odds games and winning with them.

Bobby Conn

For proven success over time, Bobby Conn if an outstanding choice. This season, he has the third-highest overall success rate with a profit margin of $1,480. His winning percentage comes in at 55.7% with an ROI at 6.6%.

Two seasons ago, Bobby Conn was ranked as the sixth-best handicapper in terms of numbers. His ROI was 5.8% with a winning percentage of 55.2%. His overall profit came in at $2038.

R&R Totals

R&R Totals is another handicapper with a proven track record. This season they have the eighth-best overall rating with an average profit of $1,084, a winning percentage of 57.6%, and an ROI of 10.6%.

Last season they ranked 12th overall, coming in at a profit of $1,082. The ROI has doubled from the 2018-19 season, where they were at 5.3%, and they have improved their winning percentage from 54.9%.

Art Aronson

Art Aronson this slipped slightly this season, falling from eighth overall in 2018-19 to 12th this year. However, the numbers are still impressive. In 2018-19 Aronson averaged $1,604 as the profit with a 5.7% ROI and a 55.1% winning percentage. This season the profit is at $806, as the winning percentage has moved up to 55.3% in the ROI to 6.4%.

Total Guru

Total Guru ranks ninth overall this season with an overall average profit of $927, a 55.1% winning percentage and a 5.2% ROI. Last season, they did not rank in the top 20 in terms of profit but were ninth in 2017-18 at $1,549. The ROI that year was 5.7% and the winning percentage was also 55.1%

Pro Computer Gambler

Pro Computer Gambler comes in 13th in this current season with a profit of $799. They have a solid 55.9% winning percentage and an ROI of 7.9%. Last season they were sixth overall with a profit of $1,776, an ROI of 9.6% and a winning percentage of 56.8%

Bobby Wing

Bobby Wing fell in our rankings because the 2019-20 season has not been up to the standards of his previous year. He does not rank in the top 40 among NBA handicappers this year but has still earned a spot in our rankings because of his 2018-19 and 2017-18 seasons.

In 2018-19, Bobby Wing was quite impressive, finishing second in overall profit at $2,397 with an ROI at 9.0% and a winning percentage of 56.8%. The previous year he ranked eighth overall, posting an average profit at $1,567. He had a 6.6% ROI and a 55.6 winning percentage that year. Bobby Wing may simply be having a year that is not as successful as ones in the past.

Alex Smart

Alex Smart is another one having a bit of an off-year but was a big hit in the previous two seasons. In 2017-18, Smart had the second-highest profit average at $3,541, with a winning percentage of 56.0% and an ROI of 7.8%.

This past season he fell to 13th overall. The profit fell to $1,058 with an ROI of 1.9% and a winning percentage of 52.9%. This may mean that he hit his stride two years ago and is on the downward slide, but we still give Alex Smart the benefit of the doubt for right now.

Calvin King

Calvin King is ranked 16th in average profit this season at $559. He has a winning percentage of 53.0% this year with an ROI of 2.8%. Last year, he came in at 19th with a profit average of $713. His winning percentage was a solid 55.8% last year with an ROI of 7.4%

Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter has had the same kind of success as Calvin King over the last two years. In 2018-19, he finished 16th overall at $796. His ROI was an impressive 11.8% and his winning percentage was an even more impressive 58.1%. Why he fell is because his average spread was only -107.

This year, he is currently in 20th in profit at $508. His ROI has increased, going to 14.8% and his winning percentage is an even more impressive 59.4%. Kyle Hunter continues to select the safer bets, with an average odds of -107.

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