Who is the best handicapper in basketball?

by | May 25, 2021

Making money with basketball wagering

No matter where you live on the planet, if basketball is your support then you likely follow the NBA. This is the premier basketball league, and it does not matter whether you are from China, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, or anywhere in between, you likely know names like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.

Basketball fans from across the globe love to watch NBA games, but they also like to bet on them as well. It is a great way to get in on the action in other ways.

Other Forms of Basketball

The NBA is not the only game in town, however. There are several other ways to place wagers on basketball games. College basketball is huge in the United States, and there are literally hundreds of millions of bets placed on these games every year, especially at tournament time.

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There are also professional basketball leads across the globe. Europe has a spectacular league with quality talent. Countries like China and Australia also have basketball leagues, and there is a very competitive league in Africa and South America as well. Basketball is a truly international sport, and there are local professional leagues fans can enjoy no matter where they may live.

Getting in on the Action

If you are a person who loves to place wagers, this means there are several different opportunities for you to get in on placing a bet on a basketball game. No matter where you may live on the planet if sports gambling is legal within your country, then you are already able to place bets on NBA games. In fact, maybe you already are placing some wagers on these contests.

Many sportsbooks offer you the opportunity to place bets on other professional basketball leagues from across the globe. If you live in Nairobi, for example, you can place wagers on European basketball games, or those competing in Australia. The opportunities for you to place bets are almost limitless.

Getting an Edge

That all sounds great, but maybe you are not able to keep up with all the action from across the globe. You watch enough European league basketball or NBA games to know who the players are and to have a pretty good feel about how games might go, but you are looking for that additional edge. That one thing that will help you to be more successful when placing bets. This is where connecting with a great handicapper can help you.

Handicappers are men and women who have become experts at predicting the outcomes of games based upon the spread, line, and odds provided. There are some who would build an international reputation for success and have become trusted by literally millions who want that edge.

If you search the Internet, you will likely come across a number who claim that they are the very best handicappers. They may even tell themselves as such, but how do you know who is really great? That is a tough call.

There is also the factor that a person may be great at handicapping NBA games, but not so much in European league games or in college basketball. That person may be of great assistance to you should you opt to place a wager on a contest between the Rockets and Spurs, but who do you turn to for college basketball or European league basketball? Do you have to go find several different handicappers to help you? It is quite a dilemma.

Establishing Themselves with Their Success

We will tell you upfront that finding quality handicappers for international leagues is a bit more of a challenge. No one expert has proven themselves to be great in all leagues, so you are going to have to do some research to find handicappers who are great in a particular league. It is the smartest decision you can make if you are looking for that edge.

However, if the NBA and college basketball is where you are looking for handicappers, then knowing who the best are there is not a challenge at all. There is a group that has set itself apart from the rest. However, to give you the maximum edge, we also want you to know who are the top five in both NBA and college basketball handicapping. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of experts who are great in both, and here is a list to help you with making the right choice.

For the NBA, the top five are:

  1. Jon Price/Sports Information Traders (61.1%)
  2. The Terrible Gambler (61.1%)
  3. Tony Reno Sports (60.6%)
  4. The Sports Firm (60.4%)
  5. Nick McKeon/Ultimate Sports (59.6%)

In college basketball, the top five are:

  1. Mark Ansil (64.0%)
  2. Jon Price (63.9%)
  3. Danny Soros (63.4%)
  4. Kris Pennypacker (62.6%)
  5. Guy Eslin (62.1%)

Going with a Proven Winner

In evaluating the top basketball handicappers, it is easy to see that Jon Price has established himself as the top among the insiders. He is tied for first in those predicting NBA games and is narrowly behind the top handicapper and college basketball. Almost negligible to be honest.

It appears that the team that Sports Information Traders has become so good at gathering and analyzing data that they are able to help Price in making predictions that separate him from the competition. 

He is providing successful predictions for over 60% of the games that he is predicting across college and professional basketball, and that is truly exceptional. It is rare that you will find someone who is that successful in just one level of the sport, but Price has proven himself to be the tops at both the collegiate and professional levels.

It is that edge you are looking for a handicapper. Someone who can give you predictions that are correct far more often than not. If you consider that Price and his team are giving you great predictions better than 60% of the time, you are going to find yourself winning far more often than you ever had before.

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