Posted on February 12, 2019, by Travis Pulver

Football fans around the country got some good news Monday. The most exciting and dynamic college quarterback since Baker Mayfield was not going to give up on football just yet. Kyler Murray had decided to forego his baseball career to give one in football his complete and undivided attention.

For all fans, that will hopefully mean seeing him recreate his college heroics on Sunday. It doesn’t matter what team he is on; he is fun to watch. But, of course, the fanbase of the team that does draft him will have reason to be even happier since he’ll be making plays for them!

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So—who’s going to draft him?

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The Candidates

Several sportsbooks have placed odds on who will draft him, but most teams can be easily eliminated.

Those with established starting quarterbacks like the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Seattle Seahawks are going to have more pressing needs.  It wouldn’t make sense for the Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, or Dallas Cowboys to pick him up either.

But there are several teams that could be (or should be) in the market for a new quarterback. According to 888sports, those teams and their odds are as follows:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars +300
  • Miami Dolphins +400
  • Oakland Raiders +550
  • Denver Broncos +600
  • New York Giants +800
  • Washington Redskins +800
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1000

But who is more likely to pull the trigger on Draft Day?

Cincinnati could be but only if the franchise decides to move on as much as it can from the failed Marvin Lewis regime. However, it would be foolish to toss Andy Dalton to the side. He definitely has a few good years left.

Washington is a good possibility with Alex Smith out for the season and possibly for good. But if they were to draft him, the would essentially be giving up on Alex Smith returning—which they could but have yet to give any indication that they are.

Eli Manning is on the way out. It could be this year or maybe next, but his time in New York will soon be over (or at least it should be). However, according to most mock drafts and the NFL rumor mill, if the Giants go with a QB it will be Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins.

The Denver Broncos have been looking for a franchise quarterback since Peyton Manning retired. Case Keenum is more of a bridge to that guy. But John Elway is said to be leaning towards Missouri’s Drew Lock.

That leaves the Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Prediction

All three currently have starting quarterbacks under contract but at least two of them, Jacksonville and Miami, are expected to cut their guy loose leading up to the draft and free agency. Oakland is thrown into the mix because Jon Gruden and Derek Carr do not appear to be working together too well. But don’t expect Gruden to try and ditch Carr just yet.

That leaves the Dolphins and Jaguars.

Most experts and draft gurus seem to think that the Jaguars are going to go with Duke quarterback, Daniel Jones.  But imagine ow good the Jaguars run game could be with Murray, Leonard Fournette, and T.J. Yeldon. It would be reminiscent of what the Ravens were able to do with Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards—but Murray can also pass!

But while the Jaguars would make for a more exciting match, look for Murray to get drafted by the Dolphins.      

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