What Sport Is Easiest To Bet On?

by | Mar 23, 2022

There’s no sugarcoating the fact that betting on sports is challenging. People often think they have it all figured out, but it takes constant tinkering with a formula to gain an edge.

Not all sports are created equally though. In fact, many gamblers specialize in a sport or two because it is easier to win consistently that way. What are the easiest sports to bet on? Is there such a thing as the easiest sport to bet on? Below is a look at some of the sports with the reputation of being easy.


What Sport is Easiest to Bet On?


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Instead of claiming that one sport, in particular, is scientifically better than the rest, this is a look at some of the easier sports to place a wager on and win. Everyone has different success rates in different areas, but this is the consensus for easier sports




Basketball is a sport that has a lot of data available, which can make it easier to find an edge. The key in basketball betting is to be patient and wait for the right opportunities. There are a lot of matchups that are hard to predict in basketball, but a few should stand out each week.

The NBA is the most popular league in basketball for people to place wagers on. For the most part, the teams with the best players generally win in the long run. Take a look at past NBA champions, and there are only a few instances where true underdogs hoist the trophy at the end of the year.

That’s not to say betting on a game-by-game basis can be a challenge. However, the NBA is a star-driven league, and fewer players on each side means that there are not as many variables. Star players can take over a close game and prevail, whereas stars in other sports don’t have nearly the same impact.

College basketball is much more unpredictable, which works against both gamblers and sportsbooks. The major reason why is that these basketball players are still learning the game, and coaching strategy can dictate matchups much more. While some look at this as unpredictability, others have found that betting on college coaches can be a sound strategy. Coaches with great strategy will find ways to keep games much more competitive than they should be, even if they are the underdog.




Football is a bit more challenging than basketball, but it is still possible to find an edge. The key in football betting is to be patient and wait for the right opportunities. It’s very tempting to place a wager for multiple games every single week, but the smart ones will stay away if nothing stands out.

Maybe the trickiest thing about NFL betting is to bet against the spread. That’s because many of the teams are so close to each other in ability. Predicting winners might be a bit more straightforward than trying to predict just how much a team will win.

Parity is exactly what the NFL is going for, but it’s the opposite in college football. That’s why a lot of sports gamblers believe that college football is going to make money right now with betting. There are a lot of have-nots in college, and very few at the top. Coaches also have a bigger role in the college game, just like they do in college basketball.

Accessibility for football gambling can’t be topped in the United States. All sportsbooks are eager to take wagers on the most popular sport in the country. This might not be exactly what people are thinking of when talking about “easy” bets, but it’s never hard to find a line.




Tennis is an individual sport that a lot of sports gamblers have been targeting for such a long time. Even though there is not nearly the same amount of data out there for tennis compared to many sports, something is intriguing about looking at head-to-head matchups in an individual sport.

Player matchups can make a huge difference in the sport. Even a higher-ranked player can have guys they go up against and struggle with. Those who have a lot of success gambling will break down the two players. It’s a lot less research than having to look at an entire team and figuring out how they will match with each other.

Smart gamblers will also consider current form. Tennis players have hot and cold streaks like anyone else. When they are flying all around the world, looking at recent results usually tells a story. If they are underperforming, yet going to another tournament right away, they could be in a bad situation overall.

Finally, the surface tells a lot of the story for tennis players. Certain players have a favorite surface that they play much better on than others. Clay court specialists have been around for a long time, and they can beat much higher-ranked players with ease. Always double-check what surface a match is played on before placing a wager.

What are Some of the Most Difficult Sports to Bet On

Now that some of the easier sports have received coverage, what about the challenging ones? While everyone has different opinions, the consensus is that these sports are particularly challenging.



Individual sports tend to be a little bit easier to gamble on than team sports. One of the exceptions to that rule is golf, as there are just way too many variables that pop up from week to week.

All it takes is for a player to get hot for a few days to win a tournament. Every tournament has vastly different results because of this. The best players still run a decently high risk of missing the cut. What other sport would a #1 ranked player not even get a chance to finish the tournament because they are so far behind?

Horse Racing

Horse racing has such a long history with sports betting, but it is one of the hardest sports to win consistently in. Anyone who claims that they have horse betting figured out is likely making up a story to grab attention.

For starters, it’s very difficult to predict how a horse will come out and perform. There are always exceptions to the rule, but those who are greatly outperforming their competition won’t have good odds to capitalize on anyway. For the rest of the pack, it’s pretty much picking a needle out of a haystack.

Jockeys help to a certain degree, but they can only do so much if a horse is not at top strength. Conditions are always changing at the track as well, further muddying odds.

The race track is built to make money for the race track. It’s fun to gamble while watching horse racing, but very few people make long-term money this way.


Finding A Niche


So, what is the easiest sport to bet on? It depends on your level of expertise and knowledge. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can find an edge in any sport and start winning consistently. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make some money, team sports with few players per side and individual, head-to-head sports are the best.

Ultimately, the best recommendation is to stick to what you know. Don’t try to dabble around and irresponsibly bet on sports. It’s only a quick way to lose long-term.



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