What is a void bet?
Aaron Bruce

As a person gets into sports betting, certain unique situations will pop up from time to time. A void bet is one situation that can cause quite a bit of confusion in any sport. Understanding the rules beforehand can clear things up quickly, but in some scenarios, a void bet is not as cut and dry as some would hope.

What is a void bet?

The simplest way to explain it is that a void bet is any canceled bet. A person is ineligible to win anything, but they also get their money back. It can be frustrating to see this happen when a person feels lined up for a win, but it sometimes works in favor of individuals as well.

Why void bets occur

A void bet can happen for multiple reasons, and some of them are entirely unpredictable. With that said, the 2020 season in all sports has had a fair share of last-minute void bets, due in large part to the pandemic. Outside of a pandemic, these are the major reasons why a bet ends up voided.

Outdoor postponement/cancelation 

Bad weather plays a factor in every outdoor sport, and that is one of the most common ways to end up with a void bet. Teams usually try to get in a game no matter what if it seems possible, but there are certain times a year where the weather is just too much.

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Teams will usually start with a postponement on the same day, but rescheduling could be the only solution as time goes on. That bet does not carry over, since the matchup will be at a different time. This means different weather, different health situations for players, etc.

Single-player sport injuries

In team sports, an injury right before the start of a contest is not going to be that big of a deal. A team might struggle with that matchup, but they have teammates ready to step in and help. This can’t happen in single-player sports, which is why withdrawals, walkovers and more occur.

A perfect example of this occurrence is in tennis. Players might only be slightly injured, but it can severely limit how a player moves and plays. The key to a void bet is when a player decides to pull out. If they pull out before the contest begins, voiding the bet is a move made by a lot of sportsbooks. If the contest starts, but one person has to retire shortly after, that bet almost always counts.


If there is one thing people should be aware of in 2020, it is to expect the unexpected.  Every single sportsbook out there will have rules in place if any changes might affect the outcome. This could be a change the format of a contest, a change in location, a severe change in the lineup, and more.

The odds of this happening increases with early bets. There are so many things that could happen between when the money is put down, and when the event actually happens.

Does a void bet ruin an accumulator?

It is a pretty cut and dry solution during a single contest, but not everyone is only betting this way. In fact, it can become pretty frustrating if a person wins an accumulator, only to find one contest finishing as a void bet.

The good news is that most betting sites will disregard the void bet and go with everything else as a packaged payout. It leads to a smaller payout, but it beats getting nothing at all.

Some people do not want to mess with the chance of a void bet as part of an accumulator, so they will go with a contest that is a bit safer. For example, if it seems like there is going to be bad weather for an outdoor event, it might make sense to stay away from the game to avoid complications.

Make sure to read the fine print, because some will cancel any accumulators if a void bet occurs. People can miss out on payday and become very frustrated when that happens.

Is there any way a void bet is avoidable?

Every betting site has slightly different rules in regards to injuries, delays, and more, which makes determining void bets challenging. Some companies have a reputation for being better about void bets than others, so stick with those betting opportunities for better results.

Another way to avoid a void bet is to wait until it is about to start, and then keep bets pretty simple. In some instances, there are ways to put wages down on only part of a game or match, which can still complete even if the whole event does not finish. Those results will still stand.

All in all, a void bet is frustrating, but not the end of the world. There are no guarantees with any sports bet, so being voided could be a good thing when a contest changes. Make sure to read all the rules in regards to void bets (and other rules for that matter) before placing money on games.


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