What is a Micro Bet?
Clive Jacobs

Micro betting has been growing rapidly this year. With the 2021-2022 football season expected to be the biggest increase in mico bets placed online in history with JP Morgan Chase analysts expecting the industry to grow to over $10 billion in the next five yers.

So what is a Micro Bet?

This focus on a detail within a game. This may be who scores the next touchdown, what player hits the next home run, or something more akin to a proposition bet versus an outcome of the game. Founded in 2018 Simplebet has completed a $15 million financing round in February of 2021 and is working with kingpins like DraftKings and FanDuel to capitalize on this micro market within the sports betting world as a tech platform in the background. ,

In March they acquired business to business software company Banach for $43 million to increase in game betting. Within the next 3 years their CEO Johnny Aitken expects that 75% of all plays will be in game betting.

Time will tell. What would you bet? A Micro bet or a Macro Bet on that trend?

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