What Does +400 Mean In Betting?
Aaron Bruce

Knowing the ins and outs of betting is one of the most basic steps to having success. Reading lines and picking up on how they translate from an odds perspective makes a huge difference.

That’s why something as simple as knowing what +400 means in betting can be huge. Without some basic knowledge, identifying the opportunity to pounce on great odds can slip away before even realizing it.

What Does +400 Mean in Betting?

When a team or individual is +400, that means that they are a pretty considerable underdog in a head-to-head matchup. Even with multiple teams or individuals competing, these are still considered pretty good odds to make money when betting.

The payout for a +400 bet is $400 for every $100 gambled (plus keeping the original $100). This means that for a person to break even, they only have to win 20% of their bets on +400 teams.

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Why are Some Money Lines Different?

When comparing different sportsbooks, The money line can differ a decent amount. With a +400 example, there might be some sportsbooks offering +450 for the same team. In other cases, the payout might only be +350.

If you already have an account with different sportsbooks, and feel confident with that pick, it makes sense to get the best odds. There’s no right or wrong money line set as the standard, but most sportsbooks are pretty close to each other. Only occasionally will there be huge differences.

Can a +400 Bet Change?

Just because a particular option debuts as a +400 does not mean that it will stay that way all the way up to the day of the contest. In some cases, it will move quite a bit up or down. Every situation is different, but there are a couple of main reasons why this happens.

The first major reason usually involves some type of major announcement on a team. For example, in football, if a quarterback or running back gets ruled out for a game, odds change significantly. Some sportsbooks will even remove the game entirely so that no more bets can be made until revealing a more accurate line.

The other common reason why a +400 team has their odds changed comes down to how much action is being put on the opponent(s). If the favorite in the scenario is still getting all the action, it shows that the betting public does not feel like the difference is big enough. To make it more enticing, they could change the line to pay out +500 or even +600 in some extreme scenarios.

Pay attention to the line all the way up to the contest to get the best odds. It’s a bit of a gamble to think that they will sway one way or the other, so place a bet whenever it feels like the right move. A +400 bet is still a pretty good one in many scenarios, so don’t be afraid to pull the trigger at that time.

Is This Odds Format Used Everywhere?

Seeing a bet like +400 is referred to as an American odds format. In Europe, as well as other parts of the world, they use decimal odds that operate somewhat the same way. The decimal system is pretty straightforward, as an example would be 4.15 odds. If this is how odds are listed, it means that the payout is 3.15 times the amount bet, plus the initial amount. So with a $100 bet, placing a wager on a team with 4.15 odds would result in a person going home with a total of $415.

Regardless of format, there will always be the vigorish or juice that is part of the wager. Usually around 5% of 10%, this helps the sportsbook make money in the long run. If there is no such thing as a commission, the payout would be a little higher than +400.

Why is a +400 Bet So Enticing?

In a head-to-head matchup, a +400 bet is right there on the cusp of being a complete mismatch. At the same time, it still gives the underdog team a chance to win, and they are usually competitive enough that enough gamblers will feel they have a chance.

Getting a +400 payout is a pretty good payday for a lot of gamblers as well. Some people get bored betting on even odds and only winning small amounts of the time. Some sports gamblers swear by betting underdogs consistently, while others enjoy the slow and steady approach betting on favorites and slight underdogs only. As long as someone is winning money consistently, there is no true right or wrong answer.

Ultimately, the goal for any sportsbook is to make lines enticing enough for people to wager on. At +400, it’s a great sweet spot that catches the attention of many.

Is a +400 Bet a Smart One?

Keep in mind that at +400, sportsbooks are not very confident that the pick will win. Everyone perceives a match differently, so those who think it’s a smart bet can end up making money in the long run. Even if a +400 bet wins one out of every three times, a gambler wins in the long run.

As long as there is some type of strategy behind placing a bet like this, it has a chance to be a pretty good one overall. Blindly wagering on relative longshots won’t end up being a winning strategy.



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