Posted on September 29, 2017, by Travis Pulver

The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears renewed the oldest rivalry in the NFL on the latest edition of Thursday Night Football. While there have been many incredible games between the two over the years, this was not one of them. This one got ugly early and never got any prettier than an Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass.

Rodgers got things started off well with a 10-play, 75-yard touchdown drive to begin the game. The Packers appeared determined to establish the run with Tim Montgomery, but he ended up leaving the game with broken ribs.

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But like always, while a running game would be nice, Aaron Rodgers doesn’t necessarily need one. He finished off the opening drive of the game with a five-yard pass to Davante Adams. Less than a minute later, thanks to one of four turnovers by Mike Glennon, he tacked on another one, a two-yard toss to Randall Cobb.

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Rodgers ended up going 18-26 for just 179 yards and four touchdowns. The yardage total is less than you’d expect for a four-touchdown game. But three of the team’s five scores came on short fields courtesy of turnovers.

After a promising start to the season against Atlanta, Mike Glennon’s play has become awful. He’s completing a high percentage of his passes (66.4 percent through Thursday night). But he isn’t even averaging six yards an attempt (5.95). With two more interceptions against the Packers, he now has more interceptions than turnovers on the season.

It may be unfair to blame the second fumble—the one that hit him in the shin – on him. But the Bears are not winning, and that can be put on him. Glennon is fully aware of the part he plays in the team’s turnover woes:

“The No. 1 thing we obviously have to fix are the turnovers,” Glennon said after the game (ESPN). “I’m not giving our team a chance when you turn the ball over like that.”

Bears head coach John Fox was not willing to put the blame solely on his quarterback (ESPN).

“…Again, there are a lot of people out there that are involved. We had dropped balls. We had penalties. There was plenty of stuff to pass around…. We are 1-3 to start the season — not just the quarterback. Everybody wants to talk about the quarterback. We have more issues than the quarterback.”

The Bears appeared like they had a shot at gaining momentum at the end of the first quarter.  But then a weather delay (lightning) forced the teams to head to the locker rooms for an hour. When play resumed, the Bears drive stalled.

“Obviously a very poor performance. I think it starts at the top. We got outcoached, we got outplayed in every area,” Fox said while talking to the press (ESPN).

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Glennon and the Bears offense finally got it together late in the third quarter. But at that point, down 35-7, they needed quick scores. Instead, they got a 15-play, 75-yard touchdown drive that took 8:53 off the clock.

Encouraging? Maybe? Wasit enough to secure the job for at least one more weekend? Possibly, but he could also keep it because John Fox would be smarter if he gave his rookie quarterback an easier defense to face in his first start. Minnesota is up next for the Bears on Monday Night Football.

The road will not get any easier or the Packers. They played Thursday night without a number of guys. It looks like they will be without Montgomery and Davante Adams for the near future as well due to injuries suffered against the Bears.

Next up for the Packers is a trip to Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys.

The game outside the game…and online

As if the loss wasn’t bad enough, the Bears had to go and lose a small Twitter spat to Butterfinger candy bars.

That tweet followed the play where the ball bounced off Glennon’s shins. The Bears Twitter account tried to fire back:

But Butterfinger wasn’t giving up:

You can see the whole exchange here. The beating the Bears Twitter feed took was almost as bad as the one the team took.


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