With the NFL season underway for another year, the 2020 season feels different than any other in the history of the sport. Few people are getting an opportunity to go to games in person, and they are looking for other ways to stay engaged.

If there is any good news for fans at home, it is that betting is easier than ever before. Just a few years ago, a person had to jump through a lot of hoops in the United States to place any bet on the NFL. Now, there are very trusted names out there to place game, future and even prop bets.

Before randomly signing up, it makes the most sense for first-timers to stick with the most reputable options. The three below are all very well-known and offer bonuses from time to time that will allow people to ease into online betting. They are also very user-friendly for first-timers.


In the last decade, Bovada has evolved into the most well-known sports betting option found online. It took a while for them to move the United States, but now that betting is legal in many different locations, they were very prompt in offering their services.

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Bavana has always been very well known for offering bonuses to new and existing members. One of the reasons why they have grown in popularity is that they are very upfront with customers, and the interface is second to none. It is straightforward to load an account up with more money, and everything is very prompt with payouts as well.

On top of everything else, the website has too much on the line to not be trustworthy. Anyone skeptical about online betting because they have never done it in the past will find Bovada to be simply superb. They have done a lot to help keep everything secure, and the variety is there for NFL bettors wanting to try other sports too.

Since Bovada is so big, they will have more prop bets than usual. They ramp it up even more during the playoffs, so keep Bovada in mind for any Super Bowl bets.


MyBookie has been making a strong push in the United States with advertising, and they have grown pretty quickly. They not only advertise aggressively through radio hits and podcasts, but they have partnerships with athletes as well to get the name out there.

While advertising certainly works, people are sticking around because they truly offer a great product as well. Whether it is offering a welcome bonus for any newcomer, or giving additional bonuses for reloading with money, it is rewarding to stick with them as a consistent member.

They have put in a lot of effort for this 2020 NFL season, and people are giving them a try for the first time because of it. Not only do they have arguably the best design out there for betting sites, but they have a variety of prop bets and other hidden gems throughout the year.


The first two are very well known, but BetNow seems to be a little more under the radar. While there are more and more users signing up and enjoying their time, BetNow is still finding this footing in the United States.

There are a lot of similarities with BetNow and MyBookie, and that includes promotional offers and overall design. What makes them a bit unique is that they offer prizes throughout the year for pick’em and other contests. It is a fun bonus that can get competitive, and people can earn some nice prizes as well.

It is big enough that that now is worth being a person’s first sight to use, but there might not be as much variety on there and other sports compared to the two other options above. BetNow has more of a focus on the major sports, which is fine for any NFL fans.

Why sticking with a trusted name matters

Going with a trusted name in sports betting is the best way to make things seem a little less uneasy. No one wants to be doubting their decisions and questioning whether or not their funds are safe. It is a smart idea to try these well-known sites out and then branch off to other betting sites at a later time.

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