The Action Network is a one of a kind, revolutionary tool that allows you to become your own sports handicapper and make informed wagers on all of your favorite sports. So many of today’s common sports bettors tend to bet with their emotions and their heart on what team they want to win, instead of objectively picking the team that is more likely to win.

Tools like the Action Network allow you to get a clear picture of the match from a statistical point of view, and where exactly the smart-money is going, which when used correctly minimizes the amount of emotion that goes into your picks. More level heading thinking when betting = more money in your wagering account.


In sports betting, behind every game is a contest between the betting public and the professional sports handicappers in Las Vegas and the oddsmakers who produce the betting lines for every game, every day. Once that line is introduced, the betting public will place its money which in-turn shifts the line. The ultimate goal for the sports book is to have an equal number of people on each side of a game so that the bettors pay off each other and the book gets to keep the “juice,” or the fee that’s charged for taking the wager.

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What the Action Network enables users to do is to tap into the money-flow, to see where the smart money is going. Large bettors that are placing six and seven figure wagers down tend to do so with inside information on games… These are known as the “Sharps.” Generally speaking, if you can follow their wagers and place your money where the Sharp’s are placing their bets, more times than not you’re going to come out a winner.

The Action Network Reviews – Does It Really Work?

The Action Network not only lets you see which side of a game has more people wagering on it, but it also shows the amount of money placed on each side. This information is vital as it allows you to distinguish the smart money from the dumb public money. For example, if the Baltimore Ravens are playing the New England Patriots and the Ravens are +3 for the game. The Ravens may have 65% of the betting public on them, but the Patriots have 70% of the money on them, that means that lots of small, less informed bettors are wagering on the Ravens +3, but the large sharp bettors mostly have their money on the Patriots -3. This is an obvious sign that you should place your wager with the sharp bettors by taking the Patriots -3 to cover, even though more people picked the Ravens to win.

While that is a straightforward and ideal betting scenario, sometimes the matches are not always so clear-cut. Sometimes the public and the smart money are on the same side, which results in the sports books shifting the line up or down to attract more wagers on the opposing side. This can sometimes open up opportunities for a betting technique that’s known as “Middling.” Middling is when you place a wager on one side of a game, and then the line shifts enough that you can take the other side of the game, and depending on how the game finishes and if your information was correct, you could win both wagers.

There’s some other betting tools available to the common betting public, like SportsInsight, but none of them come close to the all-in-one tool that the Action Network is, and none of them have the simple, easy-to-use interface either. The Action Network is the standard for keeping common bettors informed and knowledgeable of the games that they’re placing their wagers on.

Not only can the Action Network make it much easier to spot an easy winning pick, but it can also show bettors what games not to place wagers on. For example, in games where the smart money is split down the middle on both sides, or if there’s no significant difference between the two sides of a game in either the money wagered or the number of people on a particular side, those kind of markers show signs of uncertainty among the smart bettors and are usually a clear indication to steer clear of wagering on that game. With sports betting knowing when not to bet on a game and to just enjoy watching it is part of the game of being a successful bettor.

In today’s sports betting industry, which is growing in popularity by the millions each year, everyone is looking for an edge to compete with the professionals and make some easy money betting on sports. An estimated $95 billion was wagered on NFL games alone last year, and over 90% of that was estimated to have been wagered through illegal sports bookies. In addition to an already booming industry, the Supreme Court has recently struck down the federal ban on state-sanctioned sports betting, so experts expect the number of people wagering on sporting events to double or even triple within the next few years, and this should also do a lot to curb the black market sports bookies.

It’s time to stay ahead of the curve, and the Action Network is one of the easiest and most affordable all-in-one tools that can help you stay ahead of the betting public and always ensure that you’re getting the best value on your daily sports wagers. Tools like the Action Network will only grow more expensive as the sports betting industry grows and becomes more mainstream. Now is the time to act and get your hands on one of the most revolutionary sports betting tools available to the common betting public.


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