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The clash between Croatia and Denmark will be played at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium in Nizhny Novgorod on July 1st. The Blazers showed their quality and strength in the group stage as they out all the problems in the FA behind and focused on the tournament, and although the Danish Dynamite didn’t disappoint here, they […]

The clash between Denmark and France will be played at the Luzhniki Arena in Moscow on June 26th. Denmark needs just a point to book their place in the knockout phase, a win will get them the first place in the group, while the defeat could eliminate them out of the World Cup, but only […]

The tilt between Denmark and Australia will be played at the Cosmos Arena in Samara on June 21st. The luck was completely on the Danish side in a game with the Peruvians who even missed a penalty in the process and now they have the opportunity to battle for the top spot in the group […]

The clash between Peru and Denmark will be played at the Mordovia Arena in Saransk on June 16th. The Incas are the slight underdogs here, but that doesn’t mean they will back down against Denmark, a team that is considered as the second-strongest team in the group, but we will get an answer who is […]

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