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The clash between Senegal and Colombia will be played at the Cosmos Arena in Samara on June 28th. Senegal could end at the top of the group with three points, but they will be also satisfied with a point, while Colombia doesn’t have that luxury to go for a draw on this one as they […]

The clash between Poland and Colombia will be played at the Kazan Arena in Kazan on June 24th. The Eagles were stunned by Senegal in the first round but they only have themselves to blame for the defeat as both Senegal goal came from Polish defensive mistakes, while the same can be said for the […]

The clash between Colombia and Japan will be played at the Mordovia Arena in Saransk on June 19th. The Coffee Growers are favorites to reach the Round of 16 alongside Poland, but this group is probably the toughest at the entire tournament, and the impression is that all four teams have equal chances to make […]

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