Posted on January 26, 2020, by Travis Pulver

When it comes to betting, there are few events, if any, that can measure up to the sheer volume and insanity that surrounds the Super Bowl. It isn’t just about the outcome of the game with the Super Bowl. No, when it comes to betting, it is about so much more.

Sportsbooks are taking bets on things like the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach, the duration of the National Anthem, what the first play from scrimmage will be, and so much more. Of course, some are going to have bigger payouts than others.

But hey— no risk, no reward. Right?

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If it is risk you want, though, several sportsbooks are more than happy to oblige. Some are offering prop bets with some pretty long odds, and some are offering some crazy bets with even longer odds. Bettors are likely going to lose if they take any of them, but on the off chance that one hits…

The payoff is going to be incredible! has a few great ones with long odds. The one getting a lot of attention online is whether Kyle Shanahan will blow a 28-3 lead (a nod to the Falcons loss to the Patriots a few years ago) at +10000. His defense certainly could shut down Mahomes in the first while the offense builds the lead.

But then, as we have already seen with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, they could easily overcome the deficit. So, maybe this one isn’t as crazy as it seems, and possibly much more likely than either team winning via a shutout (+8000)—of which there has never been in the Super Bowl.

For fans of long odds, there has been an opening kickoff returned for a touchdown before (+8000).

If you really like long odds, then there are plenty of guys you can put your money on to win MVP. Can you imagine a game where the punter actually deserves to win it? Mitch Wishnowsky, the 49ers punter, has the longest odds at +50000. But you can also take the punter or kicker to win at +8000.

You would be better off betting on the MVP coming from the losing team (+5000). At least that has happened once before.

Possibly the craziest of the bunch is one being offered by William Hill—whether a team will end the game with exactly four points (+999900). No team has ever finished a Super Bowl with just four points. Safeties are rare enough, but two in a game with a team scoring no other points?

It’s never happened in a Super Bowl.   

But for many people, the notion of betting on something that few would even consider suggesting may happen is not their idea of fun. If they are going to go crazy and look for longer odds, they are going to look for something more logical—like an alternate point spread.

DraftKings currently has the Chiefs as 1.5-point favorites. But if you are crazy enough to give 15 points, the payout improves to +510. A 49ers fan interested in giving 12 points can get +450.

There are wagers of all kinds out there for fans to take with risk ranging from little to a whole lot. Which ones should you choose? When you try to figure out which ones are worth a shot, ask yourself one question first:

  How much do I like my money?

The answer will tell you how much risk you are willing to take a sizable reward.

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