Super Bowl LVI Prop Bet Picks

by | Feb 5, 2022

There are prop bets that exist throughout the NFL season, but no game has more available than the Super Bowl. Prop bets are a way for regular gamblers to have some fun, and new gamblers to find an intriguing way to put some money down.

With all that said, some prop bets are nothing more than soccer bets. It’s either a complete guess, or the odds don’t justify the chances of it happening.

What are the best Super Bowl LVI prop bets out there? Leading up to the game on Sunday, sportsbooks are putting out some pretty intriguing options. This is a look at the best prop bet options floating around right now. One thing to keep in mind is that prop bet lines can change when new information becomes available, or they can be taken off altogether. To jump on these odds, don’t wait until the last minute.

Player Prop Picks

Confident in a player to go off in the Super Bowl? All it takes is for an individual to show out and play with confidence to exceed expectations. Even though some player prop bets look pretty easy, the Super Bowl is an entirely different animal.

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Joe Burrow Passing Yards

Pick: Over 276.5

With the over/under is at 276.5 yards, he seems like the safer pick with the two quarterbacks going off. Many think of his AFC showing as being truly memorable, but he finished with only 250 yards on the day. However, his 348 yards against the Titans the week before is more in line with what he’s been able to accomplish over the last two months.

In five of his last eight games, Burrow has thrown for 300 yards or more. He’s taking great care of the ball, for the most part, allowing him to accumulate some cheap yards here and there on somewhat empty drives. Just about anyone who is going with the Bengals to win the game should expect Burrow to have a big game himself.

Cooper Kupp Receiving Yards

Pick: Over 104.5

Expecting over 100 yards for any receiver is saying a lot. Kupp’s been amazing all year, and the Rams aren’t going to go away from him now. Cincinnati could start to focus solely on him, but the Rams have too many weapons for that to be a successful move.

His level of consistency all year long is what makes him a pretty safe bet. He only had one game all season long under 92 yards, and that came way back in Week 4. In recent games, he’s gone for 109 yards or more and five of his last six contests. As crazy as 104.5 might sound, it should probably be a little higher.

Team Prop Picks

If someone feels confident about a particular team performing well in the Super Bowl, this can be a way to make some additional money. Team prop picks get a little crazier during the Super Bowl, with these sticking out as viable options.

Total Points

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals Over 22.5 (-110)

It doesn’t necessarily guarantee Cincinnati wins, but they’ll put up points in the Super Bowl. Their offense is too hot not to. Even though it is pretty much an even bet, it’s one of the first ones that stick out when looking at team options.

Their offense only mustered up 19 points against the Titans, but they’ve exceeded 23 points in other recent games. Expect the offense to get 4 or more scores, which should put them comfortably over.

Most First Downs

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals +110

Once again, this shows that Cincinnati is the pick to pull off a mild upset. If they can get their offense going, they should be able to pick up quite a few first downs. Los Angeles has some big-play possibilities, which helps them score. However, it doesn’t necessarily help with a ton of first downs.

Game Prop Bets

These are a few opportunities to make prop bets on the game itself. They don’t necessarily count on a specific player or team, but they just must happen.

Team to Score a Touchdown on their Opening Drive

Pick: Both Yes +1100

Some longshot bets seem like nothing more than throwing money away. With the way the offense looks on both sides, this is a decent gamble. Both teams could score a touchdown on the opening drive to get things going against fairly average defenses. Considering Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford are both playing well, this could end up being a pretty good payout.

Will There be a Two-Point Conversion Attempt?

Pick: Yes, Successful +400

NFL games include two-point conversion attempts pretty frequently compared to just a decade ago. These two teams have been pretty consistent in converting on two-point attempts this year. Cincinnati picked up a big one against Kansas City last week, and having multiple weapons on offense helps on both sides. It just seems like, at some point in the game, a team will go for two and pick it up.

Largest Lead in the Game

Pick: Under 14.5 (-130)

It just doesn’t seem like either team will pull away in the Super Bowl. Going up by more than two touchdowns is a pretty big margin. The quarterback play has been too strong to let that happen. Getting an extra half of a point makes this a pretty worthwhile pick to make a little money.

Will There Be Overtime?

Pick: Yes +950

It’s a shot in the dark, but the way the playoffs have gone this year would make it seem like those are pretty good odds for overtime. Don’t put a lot of money on this, but it could pay very well if it hits.

Cincinnati just played an overtime game to get to the Super Bowl. Los Angeles has been in the middle of back-to-back very close games as well. It could come down to the wire in Los Angeles for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl MVP

Pick: Joe Burrow +230

Becoming the Super Bowl MVP relies a lot on who wins the actual game. Even though the Los Angeles Rams are favored, the pick is Cincinnati to pull off the mild upset.

If Cincinnati does win, it seems impossible for it to go to anyone other than Joe Burrow. The running game hasn’t been consistent for Cincinnati, and they are about to run a ton of plays in the Super Bowl. That means they’ll get things done through the air, with Joe Burrow doing what he does best.

More than half the MVP awards in Super Bowl history have gone to quarterbacks. It’s not going to change this year, as it seems like a virtual lock it will go to Stafford or Burrow.

Fun Props

Not interested in following the game itself? The good news about the Super Bowl is that there are plenty of fun bets to take part in as well. Don’t expect to win big money on this, but it’s a way to stay engaged.

National Anthem Length

Under 95 seconds -120

This prop bet is always an intriguing one, as there are ways to research a singer and see how they performed in the past. Mickey Guyton has performed the national anthem rendition before, and there’s a video out there that shows she comes in well under 95 seconds.

Just last year on Memorial Day, Guyton sang the national anthem for 84 seconds. While this will be a bigger venue, it seems like adding more than 11 seconds to a song is asking a lot. She would have to significantly change how she approaches singing in general for that to happen. It just doesn’t seem like she’ll change up too much, keeping her under 95 seconds.

Coin Toss

Pick: Tails

A true coin flip, gamblers should look at this as just a way to have a little bit of fun. The pick is tails is simply because of the rhyme “tails never fails.” Despite it being a pure guess, a lot of people like to throw a little bit of money on the coin toss to see if they can come home a winner.

First Super Bowl Performer

Pick: Mary J Blige

It almost seems too simple, but ladies go first don’t they? If that’s the case, the loan woman headliner will get the first chance to perform during the halftime show.

Mary J Blige will be joining Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Dr. Dre as the main performing artists for the halftime show. Look at Snoop Dogg as another sleeper pick in this one, as he could help get the party started as well.


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