With all of the crazy prop bets for Super Bowl LIII, it is hard to forget that there is actually a game that is being played.There are 440 total prop bets that one can make a wager on in this year’s Super Bowl, with many having absolutely nothing to do with the game itself.

This game will feature two of the best offenses in the National Football League, so this should be an exciting contest offensively. Thankfully, for those who are actually paying attention to the game, there are a number of great prop bets related to actual football related statistics. Here are a few you may want to make a wager on.

Who Scores First (Patriots -115, Rams -105) – not only are you able to wager on which team will score first, as oddsmakers give the best odds to the Patriots, but you can also choose which player is likely to record the first touchdown.

The Patriots are given the best odds of scoring first in this game. The Rams are not far off, but oddsmakers must feel a little  more confident in the veteran laden Patriots to get off to a good start.

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A pair of running backs are given the best odds to score first, as both the Rams Todd Gurley and the Patriots Sony Michel come in at 15 to 2. Backup running backs have the next best set of odds as C.J. Anderson comes in at 8 to 1 and the odds for James White are 10 to 1.

First Score – who scores first is not the only bet you can make a wager on. How the first score will occur also has a whole set of odds related to it. New England scoring a passing touchdown has the best odds at +350 while the Rams scoring the first touchdown of the game through the air comes in at +400. Further odds for the first score include:

+400 – Patriots Field Goal, Rams Field Goal
+600 – Rams Rushing TD
+700 – Patriots Rushing TD
+10,000 – Rams Safety, Patriots Safety

Team Total Points – the total for this contest has dropped from an initial line of 58.0 to 56.5. The total for the Patriots has been set at 30.0 (-120), while the Rams come in at 27.5 (-120). Interestingly enough, Los Angeles is the team that averaged the higher number of points per game during this past regular season, averaging 32.4 points per game to New England’s 28.6 per contest.

Penalties – the lack of a penalty call cost the New Orleans Saints a chance to reach the Super Bowl, but you can make a smart wager on a number of different penalty related prop bets here. These include:

First to Be Penalized: Patriots (+105), Rams (-120)
Most Penalties: Rams (+100), Patriots (-120)
Total Penalties Combined: Over 12.5 (+105), Under 12.5 (-125)

A Group of Firsts –who will be the first isn’t limited to just scoring or penalties. There are a number of prop bets related to almost any team category that you can place some money on. This includes:

First Offensive Play of the Game: Run (-145), Pass (+115)
Who Calls the First Timeout of the Game: Patriots (-110), Rams (-120)
Which Coach Throws the First Challenge Flag: Patriots (-105), Rams (-115)
What Is the Result of the First Challenge: Reversed (+105), Stands (-125)
Which Team Sacks the Quarterback First: Patriots (-115), Rams (-115)
What Will Be the First Turnover: Fumble (+165), Interceptions (-115), No Turnovers (+750)

Team Totals – there are a number of team totals that you may want to invest your money in. With both of these teams having high-powered offenses, points and total yards should be big numbers in this contest. Here are some team totals to watch for as well as some combined team totals you may want to examine more closely:

Total TDs:
Patriots over 3.5 (+105), under 3.5 (-125)
Rams over 3.5 (+125), under 3.5 (-145)

Total Passing Yards:
New England: over 300.5 (-120), under 300.5 (-110)
Los Angeles: over 289.5 (-115), under 289.5 (-115)
Combined Total: over 566.6 (-190), under 566.6 (+170)

Rushing Yards:
Patriots: over 128.5 (+100), under 128.5 (-130)
Combined Total: over 253.5 (-125), under 253.5 (-105)

Total Sacks:
Patriots: over 2.5 (+170), under 2.5 (-200)
Rams: over 2.5 (+200), under 2.5 (-240)
Combined Total: over 3.5 (-150), under 3.5 (+120)

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