Posted on December 6, 2018, by Travis Pulver

The Rams were pushed pretty hard not too long ago by a team a lot like them, strong offensively and not-so-strong defensively (the Kansas City Chiefs). But what if they were to face a team that was almost the opposite of the Chiefs? Could the Rams come out on top against a team with a strong defense and not-so-strong offense?

Fans will find out Sunday night when they travel to Chicago to take on the Bears.

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The Debate

But it may not be all too fair to call the Bears a not-so-strong offensive team. They are not great when it comes to running the ball (16th; 115.4 yards/game). They aren’t exactly great when it comes to passing either (19th; 236 yards/game). But they are pretty good about doing what matters most—scoring (fifth; 28.7 points/game).

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They may not have a strong game when it comes to generating offense. But they do when it comes to what matters most.

If the Bears go with Chase Daniel again, the will most likely be in for a long game. But with Mitchell Trubisky at the helm against a Rams defense that ranks 19th in points allowed and 18th in yards/game, the Bears could put up some points.

The question is whether the Rams are going to be able to do the same against one of the toughest defenses in the NFL. Chicago’s defense ranks in the top five in total yards, rushing yards, and points allowed per game this season. Their only ‘weakness’ would have to be their pass defense (11th; 232 yards/game).

But lots of teams would love to have a defense play the pass as well as the Bears do (so it isn’t much of a weakness).

The Prediction

On paper, it looks like the Bears should win. The Rams defense doesn’t look to be up to the task against a decent Bears offense. The return of Aqib Talib will make the Rams defense better. But he only played about 30 snaps last week, so it remains to be seen how much better.

However, just because things look one way on paper doesn’t mean they will turn out that way. The deciding factor, in this case, will not be anything stat-related at all. It will be who has the better players. It will be who has the guys with the most talent, drive, and determination to overcome whatever obstacles get in their way.

That team is the Los Angeles Rams.

As long as Mitchell Trubisky takes the field for the Bears, this should be a very good, highly competitive game. But while Trubisky has some good weapons on offense, Rams QB Jared Goff has more. In the end, he will make one more play then Trubisky will—and that will decide the game.

So, take the Rams to win over the Bears, straight up and against the spread (-3). As for the over/under (52), there will be points scored but there may not be enough to cover the over (52).

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