Every wondered where the closest sportsbook where you can legally go and place a wager at now that sports betting is legal? Well now theres an application for that. Similar to how the world famous Weed Maps application works you can search by city, state, or your current location to find where the closest casino, racetrack, or bookmaker is located.

With a comprehensive list of every Casino, Horse Racetrack, and Sportsbook in the United States with detailed information on the locations that offer sports betting and a thumbs down notification for the Casinos who don’t. You can get turn by turn directions from Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze and there is a star rating to rate from 1 to 5 stars how good the sportsbook and casino is.
In addition save your favorite Sportsbooks and bookmark them for easy access with contact information at a click of a button.

Download the Sportsbook Finder Application by Sports Information Traders today at the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes store:


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