Sports Investors Weekly has been an extremely popular show and we’ve been able to help sports bettors make extra money this year with the help of legend Jon Price. He’s been on national CBS Sports Radio with some of the biggest radio hosts in the country.

You’ve heard the radio show. Whether it’s live on KGMZ in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco, California or you’ve heard Jimmy Tags show on Also live from Las Vegas, Nevada on air but not visible is Jimmy.

The show which touts the 888-366-3733 phone number to connect with Jimmy ‘Tags’ Taglimenti. They are offering parlay plays and 30 days of sports betting services. The show is hosted by Damien Roberts who talks about how sports bettors were worn out from betting leading up to COVID-19 and then finally got a break when March Madness and college basketball was canceled.

The show includes Paul Nolan who’s on the East Coast and admitted that he was was fried out after COVID-19. Now you can call or text 313-GET-INFO. (313-438-4636).

So if you’re listening to sports radio this fall and ready to go back and bet the NFL, College Football if it’s happening, NHL, and Baseball you have a few options to try out that we’re able to weather the storm of Coronavirus till sports returned to play.

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