It is often asked who the most successful sports bettors and advisers are.  A commonly searched for term is Sports Betting Jon Price an adviser who has been the handicapper to the celebrities, stars, the rich and famous.

Going back to New York as a young child he would pick up the racing newspaper and run numbers and calculations. A mensa discovered at a young age “With a natural ability to calculate he was making my husbands friends all this money at the race track. At the time I wanted to put an immediate end to it as I thought there was no future in gambling.” according to his mother who was persistent to stop the future betting star from what was inevitable. 

Years later while studying in school he started back up but with Football statistics at the helm and no longer the need to run numbers by hand he was able to calculate and run early algorithms that helped determine with a large winning percentage of who would beat who and what an accurate spread should be. In the rare occasions when Price landed on a “Delta” which is the accurate spread. When that number differentiated from a local sportsbook and they were giving favorites out (due to local books having all local players betting on their home team despite this being unfavorable) Jon Price the sports betting legend pounced on those opportunities and rapidly became known in inner circles from The Kosher Boys to Major Las Vegas Betting Syndicates as the whiz kid to turn to.

Fast forward decades later and Price has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, ESPN,, (for using high powered algorithms and having perfect weeks with his NFL Picks), and tons more. Advancing in his career he only hires some of the brightest minds in the analytics and mathematics industry. Bloomberg magazine has featured others that use similar strategies such as Tony Bloom of Starlizard who focuses solely on Soccer and Bill Benter who focuses on Pari-mutual horse racing. All strategies that Price could use but he has fallen into one trap that opened the door up for sports handicapping advice later on his career.

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Example of Sports Betting Ticket from Jon Prices Advice

That issue has been that sports betting is not quite legal across the board in the USA and it’s become more and more difficult to put in big wagers with local books. Sportsbooks have a risk appetite and flying in and out of Las Vegas, Nevada for more and more sports betting opportunities can be daunting and tiring as Price retired from full time wagering.

What this did open up the opportunity for however was for Jon Price to be an adviser to those who wanted to wager on sports and needed handicapping help. Price’s weekly NFL picks and Sports Betting Tips have been lauded as being the best out there and working with the legend can cost up to $250,000 for an entire season.

Each week throughout the football season Price can be heard on nationally syndicated radio shows promoting his free plays for those who want a small taste of his picks. This year in Kansas City, Missouri he has handicapped the Chiefs 11-2 against the spread and listeners are all taking notice of his ability and becoming believers and joining his sports betting program after listening each and every week and missing out on 11 winners to only 2 losers.

What may be even more impressive is his winning streak over the last 3 decades. With big bets placed, cashed, and a low profile until he retired and focused on sports betting as a service as opposed to being his sole focus on wagering and hammering the books each and every year.

Now Sports Bettors can team up with the legend Jon Price and earn the money they need to improve their life and stop losing. College Football and the NFL are a lot of fun to bet on but making money from the NHL, NBA, and College Basketball are just as fun says Price “When I receive the thank yous from my clients who are making money and not losing it anymore!”

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