Sports Betting

Sports betting in Singapore is very popular and what is quite important, it is completely legal, which is the case in most Asian countries. Singaporeans love sports, and even more, they love gambling, so it was reasonable to mix these two and make it fun for everyone.

There are a couple of domestic operators where Singaporeans can lay the odds online. However, it is a common thing for the bettors in Singapore to place wagers by using foreign online bookies.

Sports Betting and Gambling Laws in Singapore

There are a few gambling laws and acts that regulate sports betting in Singapore including the Common Gaming Act and the Betting Act. Since 2014, when the Remote Gambling Act was brought in, Singaporeans can lay the odds online with two domestic operators – Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

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Howsoever, betting online with foreign operators is still in the grey zone. Hereof, many Singaporeans use the foreign bookmakers to wager online whereas they are allowed to pay the deposit and get payouts.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Singapore

Singaporeans are crazy about football which is quite understandable when you know their passion for wagering. Simple as that, football is the most popular sports in the world, so you have plenty of matches to bet on every single day even when it’s a slow betting period with the other popular sports.

In the summer, when it is an offseason in all major football league across Europe and in the major Sports in the USA, Singaporeans bet on the football leagues across Asia including the Japanese J-League and the Chinese Super League. Likewise, they wager on the MLS, K League 1, and all international competitions.

Besides football, tennis is the most popular sports to wager on in Singapore. The main reason is frequency once again. From the first day of the new year until the mid-November, you can lay the odds on tennis matches day after day.

Behind football and tennis on the popularity list comes motor racing whereas Singaporeans obviously have a need for speed. That is why their domestic operators provide markets for every major motor racing event in the world.

Back in the day, horse racing was a big thing among the sports bettors in Singapore, but nowadays, it’s not so popular as it was. Along with foreign online bookmakers, Singaporeans learn more about betting on sports like basketball, baseball, cricket, and snooker.

Betting on sports is the easiest way for every bettor in Singapore to get in on the action. Therefore, it’s no strange that sports betting in Singapore attracted foreign operators.

Why Singaporeans Prefer Foreign Bookies Over Domestic Operators

As we have already mentioned above, there are two domestic operators for betting on sports online, and both are pretty restricted when it comes to the number of sports and markets that are available on their platforms.

For example, Singapore Pools provides betting odds only for football, motor racing, and horse racing. Also, if you like betting on sports and you are a football fan, you won’t be pleased with the markets at all.

You can take the side bet (home, away, draw), total goals, halftime score, halftime-fulltime score, Asian handicap, and 1st goal scorer. And, that’s all folks. So, if you know what’s on the market among foreign sportsbooks, this domestic offer will look ridiculous.

Likewise, we have mentioned how easy is to pay deposits and get payouts. Singaporeans can use internet banking and transfer their money from a bank account to the account on the betting site once they set it up.

Other important factors are bonuses and promotions available with foreign sportsbooks. For those operators, it is a common thing to give new players sign-up bonus, while some even refund wagers on football if the clash ends in a nil-nil draw.

Furthermore, the foreign operators offer better odds than domestic ones which is a very important thing if you bet with high stakes or prefer to take accumulators. Betting on sports includes live betting that is very popular, and domestic operators have a thin offer with unattractive odds.

Considering all these facts, you can see why Singaporeans prefer online foreign bookmakers when they are betting on sports. Interestingly, betting through your local bookie was another popular thing in Singapore even though it was always illegal. It is not so common nowadays with domestic operators on the market.

Betting Odds in Singapore & Online Betting

Singaporeans use the European odd format, so their domestic operators Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club both provide the odds with this decimal system. Hereof, the foreign online operators that are mostly British bookmakers had to adapt their websites.

Ladbrokes and Betfair are the two most popular online sportsbooks when it comes to sports betting in Singapore. They provide a ton of different markets on football, but also on all other sports that are not available with Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

Singaporeans who love betting on football certainly enjoy the offer whereas they are not limited on seven or eight different markets and can choose from plenty of picks.

The similar thing is with tennis as the second most-popular sports to wager on. The bettors can take usual markets as the winner, total games sets handicap, or games handicap, but they can also wager on a tiebreak in the match, set 1 and set 2 winner, total games per set (over and under) and much more if the match is on the ATP Tour.

Singaporeans domestic operators also have their websites and offer betting on sports online. It is the same general as with the foreign online bookmakers, so the bettors from Singapore need to make the account on the website and lay the deposit from their bank account.

In the same way, the bettors can cash out using their bank account or take another payout method offered by Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

Singapore is a country where people love to watch and bet on sports. Also, it is a highly developed economy which is another important thing when it comes to sports betting and the amount of money that goes on online wagering. That is why Singapore is a great place for betting on sports.

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