Sports radio pundit and celebrity Andy Slater has been a media expert who breaks news stories in the sports world. His biggest story to date was the death of Miami, Marlins player Josue Fernandez. His results in the media world precede him and now he’s applying that same logic to the betting world.

Today Slater hosts a podcast and numerous radio shows that are broadcast throughout the country. This ranges from Miami, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Milwaukee, He provides commentary on everything from sports news, sports betting advice, and other fun media topics that rival his show with Barstool Sports.

Slater has recently launched a new venture in the betting world under the website which provides late breaking information that you can use to bet on games before the line changes. He also has tweeted out in the past betting opportunities for parlays and presses that can turn $1,000 bets into over $200,000 by the end of the season if wagered using his system. His results speak highly of the opportunity he has given to a few select clients during a trial run testing out and optimizing the service and is now allowing the public to access this information for a fee.

This information is going to help the average, professional, and casual sports bettors to turn a profit from listening in to his betting segments.

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