Posted on January 31, 2019, by Travis Pulver

Super Bowl LIII will be here before you know it. That means most of the country will soon be gathered around a television somewhere, with and without friends, watching the big game. Most people will be riveted to the action taking place on the field.

But there will be some that will be more interested in how long the National Anthem went, who scored the first touchdown, whether any of the musical acts at halftime take a knee, or what color Gatorade is dumped on the winning coach.


They are going to be focusing on some of the many prop bets sportsbooks are taking wagers on this year—and there are hundreds. Most of them are just guesses on different aspects of the game, but then you can also bet on the color of Adam Levine’s shoes and other crazy things like that.

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But there are also some prop bets that can only be described as ‘weird.’ But the books wouldn’t offer them if people didn’t want to bet on them.

The following are some of the weirdest offered at various sportsbooks:

  • If there is a streaker, who will tackle or touch the streaker first?
    • Security     +200
    • Player     +175
    • Coach     +500
    • Ref     +400
    • Other    +300

The odds on whether their will be one are +2000. If there is one, betting on security is a pretty safe bet. Everyone else will be too concerned with getting sued if the streaker gets ‘hurt’ in the process.

  • Will SpongeBob SqurePants kneel during the halftime show?
    • Yes     +3000
    • No     -20,000

Various books have odds on whether any of the musical acts will take a knee, but SpongeBob? That would be a little crazy!

  • Official first down measurements
    • Over 1.5     +150
    • Under 1.5     -200

Sometimes the chain crew does not trot onto the field even once, but it is not unusual to see them once or twice.

  • Will the name ‘Romostradamus’ be said during the broadcasts?
    • Yes     +300
    • No      -500

In case you haven’t heard about this one, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is going to be in the broadcast booth. Over the course of his short broadcasting career, he has shown a knack for predicting plays.

You know, kind of like that Nostradamus guy….

  • Length of time the note for ‘brave’ is held in the National Anthem
    • Over 4.5 seconds     -130
    • Under 4.5 seconds     -110

Bets on the length of the song and whether the singer will mess it up are common, but for one note? Not so much.

  • Will Mark Wahlberg attend the game and leave early?
    • Yes     +550
    • No     -1000

He was foolish enough to leave Super Bowl LI early and missed the Patriots making an epic comeback. So, chances are likely good he is not going to make that mistake again.

  • How often will Sen McVay’s ‘get-back’ guy be mentioned during the broadcast?
    • Over 3.5     +140
    • Under 3.5     -180

His name is Ted Rath and he can often be seen pulling Rams head coach Sean McVay off the field when he starts to stray out onto it during games. It is usually an underappreciated job but coaches can be penalized for it.   

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