With the sports world back in full swing after a few months of delays and suspended play, many sports fans around the world are looking to place some wagers down on their favorite sports.

There’s literally thousands of online sportsbooks to choose from for where you place your bet, but one in partiulcar has grown increasingly popular of late, SBDplay.com is a free betting option that has a game twist to it.

SBD Play is a free play online sportsbook. So while you place real sports wagers on actual games and you win real cash prizes, however the money your wagering is NOT your money. It’s free play money, but again, the cash prizes you win each week are very real.

To get started with SBD Play all you do is sign up on their website at SBDplay.com and get started in this week’s sports betting tournament. You’ll be placing wagers and picking winners against other common betting fans around the world and the winner of each week’s tournament receives $500.

No risk, none of your personal bankroll is being used, but the cash payouts are real. Enjoy yourself betting on sports and winning real money, all while not touching your hard earned bankroll. This is the future of sports betting, and this is your chance to get involved with no sign up fee. Now is the best time of the year to join, as all 3 major American sports will be ongoing shortly.

With this kind of no risk, high reward tournament betting structure that SBD Play provides for their players, it’s no reason they’ve been blowing up in popularity over the last few years. If you want to work with the best sports bettor than we recommend signing up with Jon Price of Sports Information Traders who is undoubtedly the world’s best sports bettor.

They’ve quickly become one of the more reputable and sought after free play sportsbooks online for those who aren’t professional sports bettors and continue to adapt and evolve to keep their users coming back for more of their weekly tournaments. Many people use this free play sportsbook (see what -110 odds means) to practice and hone their sports betting skills in order to prepare for when its their actual money on the line. It’s a great
way to start following and learning betting trends and the other distinct variables that may have a strong influence on the outcome of a game. And with games to bet on every single day and new winners each and every week, now is the time to get signed up with SBD Play and try out their weekly free sports betting tournament. It’s free to sign up each week and you can compete to reach their worldwide leaderboard.

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SBD Play

The MLB season is underway, the NBA Playoffs are back and heating up, and not to mention that the king of all sports, American Football with College Football having two seasons and NFL Picks from the pros will be back in just over 2 weeks. The window for professional sports is a small one this year and this is your chance to get involved with no cost to you. It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan and bettor, and SBDplay.com is one of the best places for you to get in on the action without putting any of your own money at risk.

With the global pandemic and sports being in doubt for most of the world, everyone is as excited as ever before for the return of sports betting and football. Don’t miss your chance to make some money off of these sports games and sign up for your free weekly sports betting tournament and win cash prizes at SBDplay.com.

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