Knowing how to place in game wagers and second half betting picks can be the difference between a mediocre outcome and a big win. When the New Orleans Saints were up 13-0 in the end of the first quarter there was a sharp wager opportunity to bet on the Rams getting 10.5 points at -125.

Shortly after this the Los Angeles Rams scored a field goal and were sitting with 13.5 points in their favor as opposed to the opening line of +3 points.

The other big opportunity in wagering is the second half bets where you can gauge the first half play and then based on the odds of the second half you can fire off bets that can help you with a hedge or press if you are feeling confident in your wager.

The second half bet on the Los Angeles Ram is very favorable and the pick for our online plays. Sign up for more late breaking NFL Playoff Odds and NFL Picks against the spread so you can profit from more than just one wager in a game.

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