After handicapping sports for the last 30 years you will do better than if you are just starting out to wager on your own. When you listen to VSIN they bring on some of the most talented sports broadcasters in the industry. With the sports betting industry booming it’s nice to see other reputable touts and handicappers aside from Jon Price. Paul Stone is one of those who gives out his opinions on the iHeart VSIN network. The Texas native who is listed on the Oklahoma Sports Monitor has a totals package that has been fantastic this year with the exception of the winless Week 6.

Paul Stone Picks

For packages you can purchase there are a few different options on the website. A weekend of college football costs $59 as of today he is 22-15 against the spread and 59.5% for the year. The NCAA Football monthly package is $199 a month versus a full season you will get a discount now for $325 for the rest of the year. If you are a yer round sports bettor who also likes to bet on NBA and MLB than an all year sports betting package for $899 would be the best option to get Paul Stones picks. Also as far as we know Paul has no relation to Jonathon Stone who was a frequent guest on Howard Stern and Sirius XM Radio advertisements.

If you are in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area you can contact Paul Stone at the following address and phone number:

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    • Paul Stone Sports
      1857 Stonecrest Unit 1504
      Tyler, TX 75703
    • 903.714.5408

Paul is also featured in a weekly column in the Chicago Sun Times, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Music, TuneIN, and Podcast addict.


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