The NFL just released their 2021 NFL Season’s Week 1 Schedule and football fans from around the globe are lining up to get a glimpse of what’s to come. To kickoff the 2021 Season on September 9th, the defending Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be hosting the Dallas Cowboys to open the season on Thursday Night Football. For the other Primetime matchups for week 1, the NFL has the Chicago Bears traveling to Los Angeles to take on the Rams in Sunday Night Football, and the Baltimore Ravens at the Las Vegas Raiders to close out Week 1 on Monday Night Football..


With the release of the opening week schedule, the Vegas oddsmakers also released their first win total projections and odds for each team. Professional sports bettors and handicappers across the country are already busy game planning and booking their bets for the coming season. One such expert, Jon Price from Sports Information Traders has already started putting together his picks for the over/under win totals of each team. Jon is world renowned for his sports betting acuity and has been featured in many major publications including Forbes and Yahoo Finance.  He’s considered to be one of the most successful sports bettors in the modern era, so when he expresses his opinion on odds and picks, the gambling world listens. Jon is already busy gearing up and preparing for what many are calling the “Biggest NFL Football Season Ever” and he’s shared some of the team win totals that he’s keeping an eye on for his wagers.


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One of the biggest storylines of this coming 2021 season will be the reigning champion Tampa Bay Bucs who will be returning almost all of their starters from a year ago, including 3-time league MVP, Tom Brady. Currently the oddsmakers in Vegas have the Bucs opening at 11.5 wins on the season. Coming off an 11-win season last year, the NFL will also be adding a 17th game to the schedule this year, so the Bucs will have more chances to reach that 11.5 over/under win total. To get there they’ll have little room for error as they have one of the hardest projected schedules for the coming season.


On the other end of the spectrum, Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots are looking to have a bounce back year after a disappointing season in 2020. They made big moves in the draft by acquiring highly touted Alabama QB Mac Jones in the first round. He’ll join starting QB Cam Newton as the Patriots attempt to improve on their disappointing 7-win season from a year ago. Currently the oddsmakers have Belichick and the Patriots projected with 9-wins in 2021, a number that Jon thinks could swing by at least a point or two by time the season kicks off in early September. The Patriots defense should be improved but the biggest question mark for the team will be their offense and particularly the quarterback position. Newton looked rusty last season and while Mac looks to have a lot of potential, it’s hard to say if that potential will be much help getting them to 9 wins this year.


The Ravens are another team slated to have a big winning 2021 season as they’re currently projected to win 11 games at +105/-115 odds. Mr. Price has made a lot of money on the Ravens in recent years, and he urges caution when betting against John Harbaugh and the Ravens’ organization that competes for AFC North titles every year, but he sees their difficult schedule and questionable depth at a few notable positions as questions looming over their 2021 season. Lamar Jackson is the greatest X-factor in all of the NFL, but will he be able to do enough to get to 12 wins with an unproven wide receiving corp and a big hole remaining at right tackle? Jon says he has the answer but he’s not sharing, yet.


Jon sees more value in some of the other teams that are projected with high win totals like the reigning AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offensive line got bullied in the Super Bowl last year, and even though they added a few pieces including trading for pro bowl left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. from the Ravens, Jon still questions if they did enough to protect Mahomes for 17-games. Many teams will look at that Super Bowl game with the Bucs and see the blueprint for beating Mahomes is constant pressure, and Jon isn’t confident that the Chiefs’ line can hold up for an entire season.


With so many storylines and practically infinite ways to cash-in on the coming NFL season, it’s no wonder that Jon Price and other professional sports bettors like him have already begun preparing for the coming NFL season. Many professional bettors like Jon like to jump on the picks as soon as they’re released by Vegas so he can get the maximum value, as opposed to waiting for the public money to come in and change the lines. In addition to the over/under win totals for the teams that Jon has already discussed, here’s a list of the rest of the win projections from the bookmakers in Vegas. For more from Jon Price and his team, feel free to visit our sports handicapping section of our website at


2021 NFL Team Projected Win Totals/Odds


Kansas City Chiefs 12 -130/+110 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11.5 +100-120
Green Bay Packers 11 +105/-125
Baltimore Ravens 11 -105/-115
LA Rams 10.5 +105/-125
Buffalo Bills 10.5 -130/+110
Seattle Seahawks 10 +105/-125
San Francisco 49ers 10 -140/+120
Indianapolis Colts 10 -110/-110
Cleveland Browns 10 -115/-105
Tennessee Titans 9.5 +110/-130
New Orleans Saints 9.5 +120/-140
Dallas Cowboys 9.5 +110/-130
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 +105/-125
New England Patriots 9 -125/+105
Miami Dolphins 9 -135/+115
LA Chargers 9 +105/-125
Minnesota Vikings 8.5 -115/-105
Washing Football Team 8 -105/-115
Las Vegas Raiders 8 +115/-135
Arizona Cardinals 8 -140/+120
Denver Broncos 7.5 +105/-125
Chicago Bears 7.5 +105/-125
Carolina Panthers 7.5 +110/-130
Philadelphia Eagles 7 +105/-125
New York Giants 7 -110/-110
Atlanta Falcons 7 -115/-105
Cincinnati Bengals 6.5 -105/-115
NY Jets 6 -130/+110
Jacksonville Jaguars 6 -120/+110
Houston Texans 5 +110/-130
Detroit Lions 5 -130/+110


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