NBA 2K20 Releases Galaxy Opal Corey Maggette

by | Jun 27, 2020

eSports News to keep you going while we wait for the return of the NBA next month now that COVID-19 Scares related to sports are starting to wean off.

For NBA video gamers around the world, the recent release of Galaxy Opal Corey Maggette on NBA 2K20 left many excited. As one of the more talented all-around wing players in the game, a 99 overall version of Maggette to use in MyTeam made him very desirable. He’s turned into one of the more popular wing players for people to put in their dream team matchups against the computer or competition online.

What is MyTeam in NBA 2K20?

Over the last few years,The NBA 2K series has really seen their mode called MyTeam takeoff. In this mode, players get the opportunity to create the roster based on cards they collect. There are different versions of different players, and any card that falls in the galaxy opal range is a 99 overall.

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Players build their team to increase their chances of success not only against the computer and challenges, but against real life players online. To have the best advantage, players are looking to either land galaxy opal cards in a virtual pack, or to buy individually on the auction house. The appeal to the mode is that instead of having to rely on using actual teams, a player can put together a roster of their favorite players and customized uniforms, arenas, and more.

What makes him such a powerful player?

Many people look at the Best Buy team card for a particular player as a way to showcase them at their peak powers. It is a fun way to play with a favorite current player, or one who has retired.

His combination of skills, Plus a good amount of size and strength to play against any player out there. He’s 6‘6“ tall, and qualifies as a shooting car or a small forward.

His best attributes come under athleticism, as he has 94 speed, 95 vertical, 96 strength, 94 acceleration, and 98 stamina. He’s also an excellent shooter from all parts of the court, getting a 95 shot med, and a 94 shot three pointer.

How hard is it to get a galaxy opal Corey Maggette?

In order to get Corey Maggette, there are two options for players. The first is to open packs, as he is an available option in any pack that has throwback moments. The odds are low of pulling someone of his caliber, But it is by far the cheapest way to get him on the roster.

Most fans are having to purchase Maggette off of the auction house. His price fluctuates all the time, but people will be forced to spend a decent amount A virtual coin to get him.

Are there any other Corey Maggette cards in my team?

Prior to the galaxy opal release, there was only one other Corey Maggette card in the game. He was an 88 overall ruby, and players used him for certain challenges and match ups at the time. He was obviously a much more under powered version, but one that Play are still found some success with. That is part of the reason why so many people were excited to see him get a galaxy opal card this late in the game.

Does the card actually play like Corey Maggette?

NBA 2K 20 has done a pretty good job of replicating the play of Corey Maggette. Not only does he wear all the accessories people remember him for, but he has a pretty well done face and tattoos on his body to match real life.

Even the most optimistic Maggette fan would say that he was never a 99 overall caliber player, but a lot of players in the game have highly rated cards you are much worse. This mode is considered a fantasy mode, so the statistics don’t always replicate real life.


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