In May of 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, opening the door to states to enable single game sports betting. Among the first states with their paperwork already approved and accepting sports wagers is Delaware.

Delaware has been a pro-gambling state for some years now as they already allow for table games and other forms of gambling like slots and horse races. After the Supreme Court’s ruling in May, they’ll now be full-service casinos and sports books allowing for wagering on every type of sporting event from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and many more, including their college counterparts.

The state has started off by giving permission to four casinos to begin accepting sports wagers: Delaware Park, Dover Downs, and Harrington Casino and Raceway. The fourth casino, Monmouth Park was granted permission and was set to be the first casino to take sports bets starting on May 28th, but due to some regulations they ended up not accepting wagers till Friday, June 8th.

Bettors have already started flocking to Monmouth Park is massive numbers to take advantage of the end to sports betting prohibition, and many expect the numbers to continue to rise as more and more people start to try their hand at sports betting.

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The new legislation was met with much excitement from around the country, but nobody was more excited than the local state governments who will make millions upon millions in taxes from the sports wagers placed at their casinos and sports books. And with Delaware acting so fast after the May ruling to end the federal ban on state-sanctioned sports gambling, they’re the first state besides Nevada that’s allowed to accept such wagers on single games. This will no doubt lead to a huge influx of visitors traveling to Delaware casinos and sports books to take advantage of the legal sports betting, consequently bringing in millions from out-of-state.

Monmouth Park has already been a very popular place for table games, slots, and wagering on various horse races for years. Now that it’s allowed to accept sports wagers, business is expected to grow exponentially.

While some casinos were already allowed to accept parlay wagers on sporting events, which is when a bettor places several wagers down on various sporting events, but must win them all to collect, this new brand of single-game sports wagering has only been legal in Nevada, until now.

Monmouth Park will instantly become one of the most traveled to destinations for sports fans and gamblers in the northeast region looking for a close vacation or a place to bet on some action in a legal environment. Not only are the casinos and sports books expecting a big boom in business, but many local business anticipate the spillover effect of the new visitors to the state spending money at various restaurants, hotels, and other places during their time there.

It’s a new era in the sports betting and casino industry. This end to sports betting prohibition around the country will change the landscape of sports in no small way over the next few years. As more and more states move to legalize their own sports betting, Monmouth Park and the rest of the Delaware casinos and sports books are already on the forefront this new innovation and open for business.

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