Posted on November 17, 2018, by Travis Pulver

Every year there are games that all NFL fans look forward to. Maybe the latest, greatest rookie talents are going to be featured or the latest rising stars. But then there are games like this week’s matchup on Monday Night Football, the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Los Angeles Rams. Not only are both teams stocked with some of the best young talents in the NFL, but they are playing phenomenal football this season.

With 9-1 records, they appear to be the best that the NFL has to offer this season. This game isn’t just going to be entertaining and compelling. It is must-see-TV.

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The Debate

This is exactly the kind of game that the NFL likes to have on in prime time. It features two of the most productive offenses in the NFL (Rams—448 yards/game; Chiefs– 423.1 yards/game) and highest scoring (Chiefs—35.3 yards/game; Rams—33.5 yards/game).

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Both have an up and coming young quarterback and running back in the backfield that is already considered among the league’s best. As for their wide receivers—they are among the league’s best as well.

So, with two such high-powered offenses on the field, how is this game going to be decided? Is this going to be one of those ‘whoever has the ball last’ kind of games? Oddsmakers have set the over/under higher than any game since 1986, so they seem to think it could be.

With how the defense on both teams is playing right now, that could be the case.

Teams have been moving the ball practically at will on the Chiefs defense this season (410.7 yards/game allowed; 31st). They have not been hard to throw on (289 yards/game allowed; 28th) or run against (121.7 yards/game allowed; 22nd). However, in recent weeks, they have been getting healthier up front and are doing a great job of rushing the passer (tied for second with 31).

The Rams have had to deal with a lot of injuries on defense and haven’t been playing great on that side f the ball. But, overall, they have been playing much better defense than the Chiefs.

The Prediction

Initially, the game was supposed to be in Mexico City, but due to field conditions, the game was moved to Los Angeles.

This game is going to have all the fireworks that fans are hoping it will have. The Los Angeles Rams would love to have Cooper Kupp on the field, but with their depth at receiver, the team will be fine without him.

It would not be shocking if neither punter were ever to see the field in this game. But it will not be because they are scoring on every drive. Look for the Chiefs to get stopped on a couple of drives by turnovers and at least on downs. That will be all the advantage that the Rams will need to secure a win.

Take the Rams to win, straight up but not against the spread (-3.5). As for the over/under—does it need to be said? This game is going to hit the over for sure.

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