Mathematics and statistics are an essential ingredient to beating out the bookmakers. While nobody can calculate precisely for blown calls by referees such as the missed New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams penalty call that would have put the Saints into the 2019 Super Bowl but none the less lets talk about sports bettor Mickey Appelman of New York.

He’s been a professional sports bettor since 1974 and parlayed his earnings into poker where he has won multiple world series of poker bracelets (4 as of this news article write up). He received a bachelors in Mathematics from Ohio State and an MBA in Statistics from Case Western.

Ultimate Handicapping Championship Winner

Ultimate Handicapping Championship Winner

In 1984 Appelman won the sports handicapping contest called the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge. He has not entered a tournament since winning. He also likes to wager on political outcomes such as the impeachment of Donald Trump or the $900,000 he won during the Regan/Carter election, the $300,000 he made betting on the Muhammad Ali vs. Larry Holmes fight, a $640,000 cash in for a famous golf shot, and half a million dollars for the Louisville Memphis College football game.

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Through the years he’s been featured on Headon Mob, The New York Post, Thew New York Times, Card Player Magazine, and many more.

He’s currently selling his betting picks and advice for those who are interested in trying out this famous gamblers betting advice.

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