Mazi Picks Review of the Sports Betting King

by | Sep 21, 2021

We’ve come across a lot of these self proclaimed sports betting kings. While Floyd Mayweather legitimately wagers amounts similar to Jon Price, dropping 100 dimes on a game Instagram stars like Vegas Dave and Mazi Picks are not the real deal according to online reviews and complaints. While he showcases a rented Lamboghini and very slightly included melee and small diamonds to his 220,000 instagram followers. The Mazi VS account that can be found @mavivs has some skeletons in his closest according to a complaint piece about the young sports handicapper.

Unfortunately his legitimacy is low and his B.S. meter is running very high according to the scamdicapper report.

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According to a Reddit thread on /Sportsbetting a user stated that they purhcased the $500 package from the website and were expecting to receive a weeks worth of plays. After not hearing from the IG handicapper they DM’d him on instagram. He then received a single play and never received any other picks or service. The user on Reddit finished with this to say:

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“I consistently contacted him, and instead of him attempting to resolve the issue, he tried to influence me to buy a completely seperate package. Overall 0/10 Service, guy is a legit scammer.”

His VIP Plays of the day is $200 and the Platinum package is $20,000. According to the Gripeo report they say that he comes from a wealthy family. This is similar to Dan Bilzerian and Vegas Dave Oanecea who were all laundering their families money through gambling. He rents exotic cars & mansions to produce content and has deposited and withdrawn money with MGM as part of the marketing ploy.

CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle. The Zelle email is [email protected], CashApp @Mazipick, or Venmo @MAzipick

Receiving a 2.1 score out of 10 which is higher than the 0/10 rating the Redditor gave Mazi in Las Vegas. They close out with this to say:

“Mazi VS (SBK) is running an elaborate sports betting scam. By lying about his wealth, lifestyle and income sources, Mazi manipulates his fans into purchasing his “Mazi Picks” service where he takes $200-$20,000 for inaccurate & unreliable betting picks. Avoid this charlatan!”


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