So many sports bettors today focus on wagering on the sports and leagues that are familiar to them that they could be missing out on other great betting opportunities beyond the horizons. Whether you’re the kind of bettor who likes to wager on his favorite hometown team, or if you’re the kind of bettor that insists on only wagering on American Football picks, then you’re missing out. There’s countless more golden opportunities in sports betting to cash-in and take advantage of.

We all know that soccer, or European Football, is the most popular sport around the world, but over recent decades we’ve seen a number of other sports starting to eat into soccer’s popularity and gain a portion of the global viewing market for themselves. One of those sports that has quickly spread and grown in popularity across the world is Baseball. A few countries even have their own professional baseball leagues that almost rival the talent and quality of Major League Baseball in the US. It’s in these foreign International leagues that some of the best betting opportunities present themselves.

The Korean Baseball League is one of the best of those professional baseball leagues. Many Korean baseball stars get their start in the Korean Baseball Organization (or “KBO”) before graduating to the big leagues in the US. Not only is the talent and quality of play similar to that of Major League Baseball, but the sports betting in Korean Baseball is one of the biggest moneymakers for professional International sports bettors. Many bettors have found that the lines and odds in Korean baseball are far more favorable than those available in MLB. Since the KBO is a much smaller league than that of MLB, the oddsmakers dedicate a lot less resources to developing the lines and odds for plays. Less resources dedicated to making the lines as perfect as can be means more advantageous odds for sports bettors, that’s why more bettors are wagering on the KBO every year.

The Korean Baseball League begins in early May and ends in late October, somewhat similar to the Major League Baseball season. Baseball has long been one of the secret gems that many professional sports bettors and handicappers make the majority of their money on, and the KBO has given them a whole other collection of games and odds to choose from. The more options you have to choose from means the better odds that you have available to tilt in your favor.

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You can wager on Korean Baseball online at most sports betting sites that accept sports wagers, like,, and, to name a few. Once logged into your respective online betting platform, if you click on the Baseball tab, they’ll have a few leagues to choose from, including the Korean Baseball League, or simply “KBO.” From there, much of the formats and betting options are identical to that of Major League Baseball and other professional sports leagues. You can wager on a team with the run-line or moneyline, and you can also wager on the total points scored for the game. Beyond your typical betting options, there’s also plenty of prop bets and more particular betting options if you’re looking for more chances to cash-in.

Like in any sports betting, placing the wager is the easiest part. It’s the valuable betting information, risk and wager management, and finding the best advantageous odds to bet on that separates successful sports bettors from the unsuccessful ones. For this reason, many International sports betting firms will devote entire departments to covering specific foreign leagues like the KBO. With the right sports betting information and handicapping team on your side, you can turn Korean baseball into a lucrative extra source of income.

While it still has a long way to go to catch up to Major League Baseball in its worldwide appeal and popularity, the Korean Baseball League is already carving out a significant piece of the global viewing market for itself. It’s grown exponentially over the last ten years with no signs of slowing down, Korean Baseball is here to stay on the International stage. More and more international bettors are getting on board and seeing the various advantages to wagering on foregin sports and especially the Korean Baseball League.

Don’t limit yourself and your betting options by sticking to only the local and regional sports that you’re familiar with, those are often the hardest games to pick given the number of resources dedicated to creating those lines and odds. Sports betting can be hard enough, no need to make it harder on yourself by not taking advantage of all the resources you have available. Open yourself and your betting bankroll up to the international sports betting world and see what the Korean Baseball League can do to help you profit from sports betting.

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