With a lot of the best bets being limited by the sportsbooks from Delaware Park to the Palazzo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Jon Price was confirmed to have the biggest sports bet on the Green Bay Packers game as they beat the Chicago Bears to open the 2019 NFL season.

Price bet at a total of 6 casinos with a $7,500 wager at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino which the sportsbook operators confirmed was by far their largest sports betting wager for the game that they took in.

In addition to the biggest bet placed in week 1 (and this was only one of his wagers on the game) Price also had clients wagering on the Baltimore Ravens against the spread early on before the line moved from 4.5 points to 6.5 points knowing that it was a huge opportunity that all of his early bird clients profited greatly from. Price is no stranger to the biggest bets in Las Vegas and is often cited for having the biggest bets in Las Vegas history.

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