The 2019-2020 NFL Westgate Supercontest winner is It Ain’t Breezy who quickly found it wasn’t Easy to win the $1.42 million dollar prize. Their sports betting picks in the finale ended up beating out Tuco who was 52-25-3 with 53.5 points losing to It Ain’t Breezy who went 3-2 in week 17 to finish with 59 points and to win big.

The final weeks picks were the Tennessee Titans -3.5 points, Indianapolis Colts -3.5 points, New York Giants +4.5 points, the L.A. Rams -3 points, and the New Orleans Saints -13 points. As you may remember the Titans blew out the Texans the final game of the regular season but the New York Giants blew their game against the Eagles but it didnt matter as the San Francisco, California financier Tuco wounded up in second place and taking home only six figures instead of 7 after going 27-3 against the spread in the 1st six weeks of the season. He then got cold and went 25-22-3 and found picking just underdogs worked well in the beginning of the season but fell off later on.

Things change quick in betting and information determines a lot of the picks. Legend Jon Price has made his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars betting on second half and in game wager plays. Something the contest densest account for.

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