College Football Teasers

Although a few games from the 2019 College Football season have been played, you can still wager on the future odds and pick up the 2020 CFB champions. Likewise, you should be ready for the first full weekend of College Football that brings a ton of different markets.

Hereof, we would like to take a closer look at the College Football teaser bets and how to take them. We’ve already spoken about the NFL teasers and told you all need-to-know things. However, taking the CFB teasers is a different job and has its own strategies.

What’s a Difference Between CFB and NFL Teasers?

The sportsbooks offer the same types of teaser bets for both the College Football and NFL. Therefore, you can take a 6, 6.5, and 7-point teaser and buy points for your team that will work in your favor.

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As well as the NFL teaser bet, College Football teaser bet has to be combined from at least two games. You can take three or more games with one teaser bet. But you have to nail them all to get a payout. Technically, the CFB teaser is the same thing as the NFL teaser.

On the other hand, these two bets are essentially different. First, the College Football games produced much more points than the NFL contests. It means that the points you buy mean less in College Football.

Second, the NFL teams are more equable than the CFB teams. This one means you won’t get a 30-point spread in the NFL which is usual in the CFB. Both these things favor the NFL teaser over the CFB teaser. However, there are a few situations where you can find the value in the CFB teaser bet.

Close Games and Low Totals

The majority of College Football games has high totals and produce high numbers. However, there are teams who play tough defense and run out the clock. Try to find those teams when you’re picking wagers for your CFB teaser.

Two similar-strength teams taking on each other with a total around 40 points. That’s what you’re looking for. No matter if you fancy the fave or dog at 2.5 points, you can get a more comfortable line. Take two contests and a 7-point teaser to get a 9.5-point fave or a dog.

Likewise, do proper homework and find out how those teams play against the regular spread. If they constantly stay close and still fail to cover, they are perfect picks for your CFB teaser.

Finally, always take a teaser to make key numbers work in your favor. We’ve talked about it, and we’ll say it again – always cover a three and seven-point margin. Simply because the vast majority of points are coming in threes and sevens.

If you want to tease a 9.5-point fave, always use a 7-point teaser. Just in case they barely win by a field goal. If your favorite loses the game, you’ll lose the money whether you take a teaser or a straight bet. Still, you need to win at least two wagers with a teaser which makes this bet difficult.

Big Favorites and High Totals

Arguably, there is no value in teasing big favorites or underdogs, especially if totals are high. Alabama went 8-4 ATS last season, making a nice profit for their backers. However, Clemson went 6-6 ATS, and three of those six ATS losses would not become wins even with a 7-point teaser.

On the other hand, Georgia went 7-5 ATS in 2018, and with any teaser, the Bulldogs were 11-1. Hereof, big favorites don’t necessarily mean a poor choice for your teaser. Many times, the massive fave struggle to cover by a field goal or a touchdown. If you want to tease big favorites, I suggest you always use a 7-point teaser.

Also, try to avoid meetings between two efficient teams with defensive issues. Those games promise a bunch of points where six or seven points don’t mean too much. The professional bettors will tell you that 50 points are a limit, and everything above that total line is not worth teasing.  

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