Fubo gaming which is a part of the FuboTV brand is expanding their sports betting footprint after seeing increased demand. In quarter 4 to close out the regular NFL and College Football season FUBO will be launching it’s 1st NFL team partnership with the New York Jets, becoming the official sports betting partner of the NFL team.

As part of this deal Fubo will be creating a sports betting lounge in at MetLife Stadium, that will be 7,000 square feet big and will leverage the Jets partnership with Sportsradar.

Fubo Sportsbook hasn’t even launched yet and the 1st NFL game starts tomorrow. They do however have 682,000 subscribers that stream sports and will be marketed content related to sports wagering this fall.

Outside of New York and in Arizona, Fubo Gaming received it’s second state license. This certification is called the “Management Services Provider Certification”  and is issued by the Arizona Department of Gaming.

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Iowa will be the 3rd state to enroll now that regulatory approval has gone through in the Midwest. This approval was done last month. In March, the company Vigtory was acquired and in December FuboTv bought Balto sports a fantasy sports tool.

With increasing revenue of $130.9 million dollars and revenue climbing almost 300% to $16.5 million CEO David Gandler believes they will hit 5 million subscribers by 2027.

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