Fonbet English Betting App Review
Richard Jacobs

Sports betting is taking off all over the world. With America seemingly leading the way after the Supreme Court ruled back in May to end the ban on state-sanctioned sports wagering, it seems like some of the other major countries from around the world are following suit.

In Russia, the largest bookmaker in the country, Fonbet, has exploded in popularity over recent years. They’ve grown so strong so fast that they recently accounted for 18% of all advertising placements during the recent 2018 FIFA World Cup, as well as 8% of overall ad minutes, outpacing even the tournament’s biggest sponsors like Kia, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Alfa Bank.

Not only was Fonbet the biggest advertiser in all of the World Cup, but Russian bookmakers accounted for an amazing 26% of all World Cup TV ads, and 32% of total ad airtime. With such a distinct and significant margin, it’s safe to say that sports betting in Russia is hitting a similar growth-spurt to that of sports wagering in America.

However, these large advertising margins are actually strictly against FIFA’s own rule that state’s that bookmakers are not allowed to own more than 20% in actual airtime of World Cup TV ads. While there may be some stiff penalties coming for such a violation, the Russian bookmakers reported a huge success from the World Cup advertising. Some reports estimate that Russian bookmakers turned a profit around $3.96 billion during the 2018 tournament.

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None of them benefited more than Russia’s largest online sportsbook, Fonbet. They offer hundreds of plays and odds from every country around the world and from every major betting sport. Font is a juggernaut of the online sportsbook industry, and especially in Russia where they set the standard for reputable, reliable sports wagering services.

With sports betting growing exponentially over the last two decades, and especially over recent years, Fonbet has established themselves as the number 1 sports bookmaker in all of Russia. They offer a variety of sign up bonuses, as well as seasonal bonus specials for you to get more when you deposit money into your sports wagering account.

There’s never been a better time for you to join an online bookmaker and start making money on sports today. The future is here, and the potential to make big money while enjoying your favorite sport has never been more real. With hundreds of plays to choose from most days, there’s always no limit on opportunities to cash in big this season.

Feel free to visit today to checkout the various odds they offer on sports from all around the world. It’s international football season now, as well as American football season, so now is the time to use sports as a dependable source of extra income. There are millions of people all around the world who are making easy money day in and day out. Don’t hesitate, get in and start making money today by wagering on your favorite sports, and see how sports wagering against the spread can be one of the most lucrative financial investment options around.



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