Fat Jack Sports is a sports handicapping service lead by their lead sports analyst “Fat Jack” who’s been a sports handicapper for almost 20 years. Jack’s sports betting picks against the spread have been recorded and documented throughout his 20 year career and you can hear him live on the radio as a sports prognsiticator and handicapper selling betting tips for a fee.

Jack has gained notoriety for his consistent sports betting picks over the years but has also gained a lot of attention for his national radio show, The Fat Jack Sports Hour. Jack discusses a wide variety of topics on his radio show from breaking down various sports matchups and betting picks to recapping sports news and a little bit of everything from the world of sports betting.

Jack’s strongest sport in terms of winning consistency is undoubtedly his NFL Football betting picks against the spread where he touts a winning season in 18 of the last 19 NFL seasons. Not too far behind is his NBA Basketball picks against the spread with a winning season in 17 of the last 19 seasons. Jack gives most of the credit for his success to his proprietary betting system which he uses to make his selections for him based on a variety of variables.

In terms of packages, Jack has something for everyone. From small $50 a game picks to season packages ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, Jack doesn’t discriminate amongst the betting bankrolls of his clients. He also has a number of awards which he’s listed on his website FatJackSports.com. Awards such as the top units earned in the 2018-18 NFL Season, also claiming that his average $100/game bettors make around $10,000 a year in profit, and also citing that 8 out of 10 of all of his season clients return each season. In the past he’s also staked claim to winning the 2010-2011 Top 25 Vegas Hilton NFL Contest, as well as the Southpoint Casino Football handicapping Invitational Top 5 that same season, among many others. He advertises a number of 1-800-298-1383 on his website.

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With a national audience tuning into his weekly sports radio show and a proven winning formula that he uses for his paying clients, it’s no wonder that Fat Jack is still gaining more followers with each passing season. You can checkout many of Fat Jack’s documented results on his website FatJackSports.com where you’ll also find his contact and packages information if you’re interested in giving Fat Jack’s sports betting picks against the spread a try this coming NFL, MLB, or NBA sports season.

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