What do you get when you combine an award-winning, successful tech entrepreneur with one of the world’s most promising eSports platforms? You get a recipe that will make the sports and financial industries take notice not to mention lofty profits for investors. At least that is what Amit Raizada, investor, entrepreneur; partner at Vision Venture Partners is aiming for.

Leveraging his years of financial and tech industry experience, Amit and his partners have a goal of dominating the eSports space with their brand new investment, Echo Fox.


Amit Raizada: A Captain of the Venture Capital Industry

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Mr. Raizada is a well-known investor and partner at Vision Venture Partners (VVP) based in California. In 2002, Amit founded Spectrum Business Ventures where he served as the company’s chief executive officer. At Spectrum, Amit was instrumental in crafting a profitable portfolio of over 60 businesses spanning the energy, hospitality, energy, finance, and technology sectors among others.

He also aided in the launch of the firm’s real estate arm which would eventually amass a portfolio of over 6,000 housing complexes that the company either renovated and sold or managed. Mr. Raizada’s career history of asset allocation and re-sale has climbed into the billions of dollars.

Other than SBV and VVP, Amit has also had his hand in a number of successful financial technology company investments. Most notably he was behind investments in AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Select Quote, Store Financial Services and more.


Entrepreneur Amit Raizada Backs Echo Fox

Echo Fox could have been another eSports startup except that the company had all the right stuff to get noticed by venture capitalists that specialize in putting money into businesses that show potential for fast exponential growth.

With Entrepreneur Amit Raizada Echo Fox has become the new ‘it’ eSports company in the sports and financial industries. Founded in 2015, the eSports company already has some well-known titles under its belt including Gears of War 4, Global Offensive, and Call of Duty among others.

Amit and the team at Venture Vision Partners are betting that Echo Fox will be the premiere eSports company in the years to come. In a short period of time, Echo Fox has managed to land some impressive games as well as a respectable number of skilled players.

With intelligent and experience tech financial backing, Echo Fox and its investors are poised to take charge of the eSports industry. Amit Raizada and his extensive successful investment experience has been recognized by other investors. Sports team owners and other investors have taken notice of the confidence Mr. Raizada has placed in Echo Fox. That type of interest and backing in a start-up means Echo Fox has exactly what it takes to be successful in this space.

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