Since the legalization of sports betting in America many major TV networks are starting to introduce various shows discussing odds and lines and other content pertaining to sports wagering. One of the most notable sports networks, ESPN, has followed suit introducing shows like Daily Wager which started airing in March of 2019. ESPN’s main sports betting analyst and the host of Daily Wager is Doug Kezirian. Doug has been covering sports betting for over 15 years and along with hosting Daily Wager on ESPN he is also featured on ESPN’s podcast Behind the Bets where he further discusses sports gambling topics. His shows are second to none at delivering up to the minute sports betting news and information to help you in your daily wagers.

Doug Kezirian Behind the Bets NFL Picks

Doug joined ESPN in July of 2012 and since has been the host of a number of ESPN shows such as: Friday Night Fights, Buzzer Beater, NBA Tonight, Highlight Express, Goal Line, and First Take. In addition to these various programs he’s also been a regular host of halftime updates for college basketball, Arena Football, WNBA, and has done play-by-play for a number of college basketball games.

Before getting his big break at ESPN Doug lived in Las Vegas where we was the main anchor and sports director for KTNV-TV, the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada. He anchored the network’s daily sports broadcasts as well as doing the high school football show. During his time there he also was the co-host for “The Las Vegas Sportsline“, which grew to be the highest-rated radio show on ESPN radio in Las Vegas.

Doug and other shows like his have become must watch television for many sports fans who are new to betting or who are trying to get into it. He offers some of the best free insight available to the betting public and while you may not want to wager your mortgage on his betting information, he’s a very good place to start for someone just looking for a free introduction into the complex world of sports gambling. You don’t get to the level that Doug has reached without being extremely talented at what you do, and Doug is considered to be a very gifted sports mind with a wealth of applicable knowledge for both beginner and advanced bettors. He’s particularly gained a lot of notoriety ever since the federal ban on sports betting was lifted and he’s sure to continue to grow as wagering on sports becomes more mainstream and widely accessible. He’s appeared on ESPN Chicago sports radio and gives out betting picks to the general.

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With more states legalizing spots betting each and every year, it’s only a matter of time before sports betting is legal in every state of the country and is more accepted into the mainstreams of American sports. Doug’s daily breakdowns of odds and games with sports betting insight are the kind of content many average, uninformed bettors rely on to help make their daily sports wagers. You can tune into ESPN or ESPN radio to listen to more of Doug and his sports betting news.

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