Posted on September 5, 2018, by Bryan Zarpentine

Seattle Mariners

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Frustration inside the Seattle Mariners clubhouse appears to have reached its boiler point. A scuffle involving several players reportedly broke out prior to the team’s game Tuesday against the Orioles. According to sources, Dee Gordon and Jean Segura were the players at the center of the argument and the subsequent skirmish. It apparently related to a routine flyball Gordon had misplayed during Monday’s game.

It was actually Gordon who politely asked media members to leave the Seattle clubhouse during hours in which the media is granted access. A pair of double doors was closed after the media left. However, minutes later, those doors opened as the scuffle between Gordon and Segura got out of control despite several of their teammates trying to maintain order. When the doors opened, a few players were still standing but a couple of players were on the ground, including Segura.

Afterward, most players commented something akin to “What happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse.” Details about what happened while the doors remained closed are unclear. However, something happened, and Gordon and Segura were reportedly at the center of it.

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“It didn’t affect anyone in here,” Robinson Cano commented after Tuesday’s game. “We let it go. We’re good. Everyone is good. We left that behind.”

It’s not all that surprising to see frustration boil over with the Mariners. Earlier this season, Seattle was neck and neck with the Astros atop the AL West. The Mariners looked poised to at least secure a wild-card spot. But things have fallen apart since then. They are now nine games behind the Astros in the division and 5.5 games behind Oakland for the second wild-card spot, a position they once held by as many as 10 games. The team’s playoff hopes have all but slipped through their fingers, leading to some understandable frustration.

“Things happen in the clubhouse when you are talking about 25 guys, and in this case now 35, of the most competitive of guys you are ever going to be around and they spend what seems like every waking moment together,” commented Mariners manager Scott Servais. “I’ve been on a number different of teams and it’s something you will see at some point. Our guys are working through the situation.”

Servais pledged that his team would be professional and ready to play Tuesday’s game after the skirmish. Segura and Gordon were both in the lineup, at shortstop and second base, respectively. However, the Mariners lost the game 5-3. Servais also mentioned the possibility of a fight like this being able to bring the team together for the stretch run.

“Certainly with how our season has played out, we just haven’t been consistent, and the frustration mounts from a number of different places,” said Servais. “Sometimes it’ll bring teams together. Sometimes certain things hit a boiling point and you gotta get something off your chest and you go from there.”

Even if the fight is able to bring the Mariners together, time is running out to turn things around. They have a lot of ground to make up in less than a month. It seems more likely that the clubhouse scuffle will be one of the final nails in the coffin that has been Seattle’s 2018 season.

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