Posted on December 19, 2019, by Travis Pulver

For years, the rumor mill has wanted Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett to be on the hot seat, but Jerry Jones has never appeared to put him there. That is, until this season and especially in recent weeks. The big win over the Los Angeles Rams helped Garrett hold onto his job for another week. But that week is almost over.

How thin is the ice now? Does Garrett still need to make a deep playoff run? But what if he doesn’t have his starting quarterback? But what if an injury to Dak Prescott’s shoulder impacts the outcome of the season?

Will Jones still look to hold Garrett accountable?

With Dak Prescott nursing a sprained AC joint in this throwing shoulder heading into Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles, it is possible an injury does impact how the Cowboys season ends. Rumor has it that Garrett needs to take the Cowboys on a deep playoff run to save his job.

However, if Prescott is unable to play or can’t play well, there is no way that happens. Would it then be fair to fire Garrett? On the one hand, you could say yes because the head coach should be ready to win without his starting quarterback (even though few are).

On the other hand, you could say no because the GM failed to provide the team with a competent backup. But since that is Jones, we know he’ll never take full responsibility.

So, more than likely, the answer to the question is no.

Should Dak Prescott’s injured shoulder impact the outcome of the Cowboys season, Garrett’s job will still be in jeopardy. But is that such a foregone conclusion that it is something you can see wagering on?

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That means that Garrett has a 40 percent chance of getting canned on or near Black Friday (the end of the regular season). So—should you bet on it happening? Is Jason Garrett losing his job a foregone conclusion?

Not exactly.

For some reason, Jerry Jones seems to really like Garrett. That is the only reasonable assumption that can be made since Jones has kept him on for as long as he has. While he has been critical of the coaching of late, he has been careful not to say anything directly about Garrett.

It is not hard imagining Jones trying to think of a reason to justify keeping Garrett beyond this season. To that end, it would not be shocking if the Cowboys lose this week to hear Jones blame Prescott’s injury and absolve Garrett.

But will that happen?

Prescott may be hurt, but it sounds like he is expected to play. But it would not be shocking then if the Cowboys were to lean hard on the run game to protect Prescott a little. With how the Eagles have been playing, the Cowboys will win this week, take the NFC East, and move onto the playoffs.

That means Garrett will live to fight beyond Black Monday. So, no—Prescott’s injured shoulder will not save him, but he will survive Black Monday, anyway.                                                                                                                                                                                               

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