The most fun people can have is not through fantasy sports but rather through betting contests like the Circa Survivor betting contest. While this year there is a winner take all $6,000,000 prize week 10 saw the biggest blow outs of entrants. The Pittsburgh Steelers tie versus Detroit is the 1st tie since the Survivor contest started. This resulted in a loss and 248 entrants or 36.2% of the field had chosen them this week. They all asked on Twitter if this counted as an elimination or not and Derek Stevens clearly said YES.

The Baltimore Ravens embarrassing loss on Thursday Night football to the Miami Dolphins knocked out 187 entries or 27.3% of the field. The Arizona Cardinals were without their starting quarterback Kyler and thus the blow out they endured on Sunday night football eliminating in a Squid Game style another 5.8% of the field.

Now with 173 entries left and a $6,000,000 prize left there is a value of $34,682 per ticket. Some sports bettors may hedge. Sports Information Traders is one of the top teams still left.

Also a fun stat there are 12 entrants left that have 2 selections and only 2 entrants left that have 3 selections. There were multiple entries that were completely wiped out last week that had 2+ selections.

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The biggest loser in the contest last week goes to a Thomas Shelby who had 5 entries and lost each one of them with 3 picks on the Baltimore Ravens, 1 on the Bucs, and 1 on the Steelers. Not one of his picks advanced taking Thomas from leading the field to completely eliminated.

Circa Survivor Betting Contest Elimination

Stay tuned for an exciting next few weeks as Thanksgiving week will have 2 selections as well as Christmas Week. This was the biggest drop off of teams and now the 14 teams that have 2+ picks can get creative and even hedge plays as we get closer to week 18 of the NFL season and week 20 of the Circa Survivor Contest.


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