Posted on August 19, 2018, by Travis Pulver

Phillip Rivers has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for most of his career—but has never come close to the Super Bowl. There was the 2007 season when they made it to the AFC Championship Game, but other than that—nothing. But could this year be the year for the aging veteran?

Fans are hopeful after how the team finished last season. From what they’ve seen during the preseason, they have to feel slightly encouraged. Overall, the starters have looked pretty good, and some of the reserves aren’t half-bad either.

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As for the Seahawks, expectations are going to be lower this year. But if how they looked Saturday night is any indication, they’ll be entertaining.

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This is just the second preseason game, so everything has to be seen for what it is. But that doesn’t mean we can’t recognize and appreciate potential:

  • Phillip Rivers (6-7 for 62 yards) looked ready to get the regular season started. He wasn’t in for long, but he did what matters most—scored a touchdown. As long as he and his skill players can remain healthy, the Chargers are going to have one of the best offenses in the league.
  • It looks like Melvin Gordon (ten carries for 35 yards and a touchdown) is going to get some decent running lanes this year. It also looks like he’s going to do something with them when he does.
  • When they took him in the first round last year the Chargers probably hoped Mike Williams would be a contributor as a rookie. Injuries kept that from happening. But if he can keep making catches like the 25-yard touchdown reception from Geno Smith (6-8 for 85 yards and a touchdown)—better late than never.
  • The Chargers will not beat many teams during the regular season if they commit 14 penalties.
  • San Diego’s defense may be one of the most underrated units in the league. When the top units get discussed, they are not a part of the conversation. But they absolutely should be.
  • Russell Wilson (13-21 for 193 yards) is a beast. As good as the Chargers defense played, he still managed to make some big plays downfield. But if they can’t finish in the end zone, they aren’t going to win many games.

“In the red zone in particular, we’ve got to stay on schedule,” Wilson said after the game. “That’s the lesson we learned from tonight, but the great thing was really the score should have been 21-7 pretty early. First three drives, we get three touchdown opportunities, and that’s what we look for. We go to the truth of what we did and where we can get better.

  • Seattle may finally have a running game with Chris Carson (nine carries for 34 yards; had a long run called back). The line gave him some decent lanes, and he made good use of them. However, he will have to do a better job securing the ball. Otherwise, he’ll never see the field.
  • The Seattle defense is a work in progress. Rivers is one of the best, so it is not surprising that he carved them up as easily as he did. But they are going to see a lot of really good offenses this season.
  • For those that keep score in the preseason, the Chargers won 24-14.

The Seahawks will have a tough opponent during the all-important third preseason game, the Minnesota Vikings (Friday @ 8 PM ET). The Chargers will face the New Orleans Saints Saturday night (@ 8 PM ET).

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