The 2020 Music festival is getting off to a rough start much like the Golden State Warriors. After the biggest music festival year in history for 2019 2020 is not going to repeat.

Is Coachella Canceled This Year?

No it’s not cancelled just delayed. Ultra Music Festival in Miami cancelled their event till 2021, SXSW cancelled, and now Coachella is going to officially announce the postponement of their event till October of this year.

All of the same artists will be performing including Rage Against the Machine and this will squish fears about the Corona Virus cases reported in the Riverside County California region. Official announcements from Golden Voice are coming on Tuesday March 10, 2020. I

In the meantime to get your mind off of festivals that aren’t happening consider betting on sports as no games will be cancelled the arenas just may be empty… If there were odds on these cancellations and postponements we would of bet on it and profited handsomely!

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