For decades now, horse racing has been one of the most popularly wagered on sporting events in all of sports. The Triple Crown events of this year proved that with record numbers. Before millions of bettors were placing weekly wagers on their favorite NFL teams each and every Sunday throughout the Fall and Winter football season, horse racing was the major drawl for most casinos and betting venues around the country and as sports betting is legalized Racetracks are seeking to revamp that excitement.

Not too much has changed, as betting on horse racing is still a very healthy industry, but it has been past over by sports like the NFL and NBA in terms of most popularly wagered on sporting events.

Much of this has to do with the lack of information available to horse racing. While the average NFL fan is in-tune with the sport enough to know a lot of information just from following their team, horse racing lacks the major network attention, resulting in scarce information about the horses, and a sport with more uninformed bettors than any other.

One person who was in a league of their own when it came to picking horse racing winners at a consistent pace, the legendary gambler and horse race bettor, Bill Benter revolutionized the way bettors view horse racing, and changed the way many people wagered on the sport. Bill is a professional gambler and sports bettor, who made the vast majority of his billion dollar fortune from wagering on horse races using his own analytical formula that he designed specifically for picking horse racing winners.

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His formula, which would later be converted into a software program with the help of a friend, is considered to be the standard when it comes to analytics used to pick sporting event winners. Nobody has come close to the sustained and remarkable success that Bill has found in horse racing by applying his knowledge and winning formula to the horse races on a daily basis.

More than just a successful sports bettor, Bill Benter is also an established philanthropist, donating to charitable causes all across the world, particularly in Hong Kong where he lives and has served as President of the Hong Kong Rotary Club, as well as back in his home country of the United States. In addition to his charitable work, he also founded the Benter Foundation to help manage his various philanthropy projects.

Benter and his horse race picking software aren’t just good at picking consistent winners in horse racing, they’re arguably the best to ever do it. To get a sense of who Benter is and how he came to be one of the greatest horse racing bettors in the history of sports betting, you have to go back to his roots.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1957, Benter discovered from a young age that he had an exceptional knack for mathematics and statistics. He sought out to turn his obvious talents in mathematics into a profitable and sustainable source of income. So after graduating from Case Western University in 1977, he quickly moved to playing Blackjack in Las Vegas casinos and using the card counting technique to win in a big way. After seven years of consistently beating the house and taking Vegas for what it’s worth in Blackjack games, he was eventually banned from most Vegas casinos because of his innate ability to win and win big.

It was around this time after he had been banned from all the major Vegas casinos that Benter met Alan Woods and embarked on a journey to be one of the best gamblers of all time like Zeljko Ranogajec and Jon Price, a like-minded professional gambler who also had a nose for picking horse racing winners at an impressive pace. The two quickly hit it off and began joining forces to wager on various horse races together, until 1984 when they both decided to move to Hong Kong.

The two started with only $150,000, but used their mathematical talents and understanding of statistics to quickly grow their bankroll into a substantial amount, enabling them to place larger, more calculated wagers on horse races.

Using his understanding of statistical analysis, Benter identified the most important variables that most often times coincided with the winning horse of a race. Using this formula that he developed and tweaked as they went along, he amassed a fortune in winning horse racing picks. Many people have estimated his winnings to be in the billion dollar range, while others have it at just short of the billion dollar mark, but regardless of the specific dollar figure, Benter and Mr. Woods used their numerical genius to win themselves millions upon millions during their time in Hong Kong wagering on races.

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Benter has been featured in almost every major national publication across the United States, as well as various news network and sports TV shows. Considered to be the Godfather of winning horse racing picks, Benter is a legend in the industry, and has left his mark for the following generations to aim for.

After winning a large fortune in gambling and horse racing winnings over the last few decades, Benter and Woods eventually moved back to the United States, with Benter settling back into his original home of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he would have a child with his wife, Vivian Fung, whom he met in Hong Kong.

While Benter has slowed down some in turns of his gambling, he still heavily relies on his horse racing software to pick winners for him and his close circle of horse racing bettors. Considered to be the greatest software of its kind, it’s kept as a tightly guarded secret amongst those in the know. While many other softwares have been developed in hopes of cracking the code of picking consistent sports betting winners, Bill Benter’s statistical analysis software is still the standard in picking horse racing winners at a staggering rate. Many spin-offs and millionaires have been minted thanks to the Pittsburgh natives mathematical skills. Phoenix, a proprietary sports-betting company based on the Island of Malta in Europe has started a fund that algorthmically bets on pari-mutal races as well as sports. The founder is a former employee of Benter’s. The amount of information you can find online about Phoenix? Zero. This was the same result of Jon Price for years as he was reclusive in gambling circles and fought hard often paying and offering lump sums journalists to stay out of the press for safety concerns.

Other names to see their spin off success are Paul Longmuir and The Susquehanna International Group LLP, – Nellie Analytics Inc.

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